Paper Bear’s “Poop Your Pantstober” is Here!

Hey guys! About a week and a half ago I started a YouTube channel called “PaperBearPlays,” a gaming, Let’s Play channel for me to play and record my playing games and share them with all of you.  Today, I am excited to announce that I am starting a new series that will run for the rest of the month entitled, “Paper Bears’s Poop Your Pantstober.”  This will be a series dedicated toward what makes Halloween special: the scariness, the creepiness, the fall-like, crisp chills, and the games that will be played will reflect that.  There will be Halloween-like games, creepy games, and downright, horrifying, “poop your pants” scary games, all to bring you into that holiday spirit which will be starting up quite soon. (more…)


Life: The One About Things and Fall


I’m never really too sure of when the change from summer to fall happens; I think we’re in fall now.  Actually we are…I guess technically.  See, where I live, summer is one of those things whose presence is felt all year long.  It gets cold here, for sure, but one of the biggest things that makes summer so unbearable is the humidity, is the fact that it can be 70 degrees outside, but feels like you’re shut up in some malleable box that is following you around, holding in the juices, the air, the everything around you, to raise the temperature up about 20.  Fall is near nonexistent as is apparent by the last couple of days: it’s been in the high 60s, but a six day rainstorm has made it feel like a punishment if you are even wearing clothes outside.  It’s rough.

Winter is just knowing that summer is coming and spring is just pre-summer–and then we’re back at it again. (more…)

Bloom: The One about the Holiday

So I’ve recently discovered that tomorrow (September 29th) is National Coffee Day, another one of the holidays in the same vein as Skyscraper Appreciation Day on August 10, Homemade Bread Day on November 17, and Cellophane Tape Day on May 27 (all of which I believe are for real, but–come on, let’s be honest…).  And while, in the past, I never would have cared for this day too much, it’s something I can genuinely get behind now. (more…)


Poem: The Snowy Mound

A toothsome breeze of shepherd’s pie

is lifted from a table near and right

beside, a sweaty pint of amber

sits waiting to be downed. A dog

inside, a scruffy rug, lies before the hearth,

and patrons in high spirits scarcely

notice the falling flame. The publican tends

the fireplace, kindling the logs inside,

and high above the snowy mound–

a wafting smoke.


Life: The One About…Well, Life


This post will probably be a little shorter than most others because of what’s in the title: life. (more…)


It’s Official: I’m Launching a Let’s Play Channel!

It’s all in the title.

I am starting my very own Let’s Play channel entitled PaperBearPlays.

Now, maybe you don’t know what a Let’s Play is, and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t—it’s an odd offshot community unknown to those without a stake in gaming. (more…)


Puppyhood: Day Fifty-Three


I think we’ve finally begun moving out of that puppy period with Flynn. (more…)