Life: The One Where I Buy a Camera


I have a lot of people around me–some I keep up with, some I don’t–who regularly involve themselves with photography.

Plenty of them are really good too.  A fair number of them are not.  But it’s never been an area I’ve stepped into much, aside from my occasional dabbling.  I’ve been handed a camera and been afraid I’d drop it, I’ve been handed one and been afraid I’d throw it (sometimes those feral instincts chime in).  I’ve taken pictures with people’s cameras while balancing it on my fingertips, I’ve near thrown that camera back (see?) to get it out of my hands.

So my experience with cameras has been limited to this point and I’ve always wanted to change that.

For whatever reason photography has seemed like such an out of reach concept for me; I’ve never understood why.  I’ve been involved in art and music and writing and what not for the majority of my life so far, and photography has always seemed like something, to me, that would nestle in quite nicely.  But while photography rules and concepts have always clicked, and I understand a lot in theory, it’s seemed like an area that would forever be too far for me to do much with.

Over the past year, I’ve begun to dig into a lot of my artistic pursuits for my own, personal reasons, doing personal projects to further my skills and grow my appreciation for what I love.  The webcomic I’m working on was created for that reason and this blog, in large part, was too.  And as I’ve searched further to find more projects to pick up, videography and audio and photography and all of that seemed like a good next place to go.

So I bought a camera, an entry level DSLR Nikon, primarily to shoot video for something I’m starting up, but I’m taking the opportunity to take pictures too, and gain a little more respect for the art form.

I’m excited.  I really am, but equal or so, I’m scared.  I’ve never had much to do with this and now I’ll be digging in.  I’m sure I’ll post some stuff on here once I get a little more comfortable with everything, but, until then, wish me luck–this will be interesting.



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