Side Note: Jury Duty


Tomorrow I have jury duty for the first time ever–though that isn’t due to lack of trying on the government’s part.  I’ve been called for jury duty every. single. year since I turned 18 (this would be what?…the fifth or sixth year now?) and I really don’t understand it.  There are people in their fifties and sixties who have never been called, people who want so bad to perform their “civic duty” or to just get away from their job for a day.  Instead–it’s me; I get chosen, and I have no out this time.

Fortunately, in past years, I could be excused because I was in school and was “too busy” to go.  Last year, I think, they just sent me something saying I didn’t have to come.

But not tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’m going to sit in a federal court all day, or for the first bit of what will be multiple days, and hope that finally they’ve been appeased by my presence and will leave me alone until I’m a hundred.

Because I’m not about doing this again.


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