Side Note: Wedding Weekend and Something Cool Coming Soon


This weekend my cousin and his wonderful fiancée are getting married and I’ll get to be a small part of the wedding festivities.  It’s kind of neat.  I don’t often go to weddings (I think the last one I went to was about a year and a half ago), so it’s a neat thing in and of itself, but it’s my cousin too so that makes it even extra cooler.

After I get back from the weekend trip, I’ll be showing off a new project I’ve been working on which…is AWESOME!!

I think anyway.

It’s a pretty new thing I’ve been doing, and something I’m not great at yet, but will be hammering away at along with this blog, along with my still coming webcomic, and I think it’ll be pretty neat.  Stay tuned.  It’ll be featured here for sure.


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