Life: The One About…Well, Life


This post will probably be a little shorter than most others because of what’s in the title: life.

I’ve had a really odd year since…what? I guess last October.  I remember graduating from college the previous May, trying to find anything to do and work on to keep busy and feel productive.  I started working, and while I was working, started drawing again.  And when October rolled around, and Inktober–the yearly social media event showcasing inked artwork–began, I took the opportunity to dig down into it and draw, nearly everyday, trying to put out a piece of art that I could be proud of.

I did decently well.  Out of the 31 days, I came out with 25 or so inks, but it started in me a real desire to get back into drawing.

Fast forward a couple of months and a number of attempts to draw random things, I knuckled down onto something I’d been wanting to do since I was in middle school: draw a webcomic.  I started it all about a day or two after Christmas and have spent the past…oh gosh, 9 months building up a backlog of pages at my disposal so I wouldn’t worry about falling behind.

Since then, I don’t think I’ve not been busy.  That isn’t to say the load I’ve had on me is comparable to someone working a full time job with a family or anything like that, but the webcomic and other projects I’ve taken onto myself have been self-imposed opportunities for growth that have just happened to book me up.  I’ve worked on my webcomic everyday since I started, I also started this blog.  And about a week ago I launched my Let’s Play channel which has only tied me up more.  That and the puppy and work and…sleep have done for me something that a year ago I was begging for: they’ve given me something to strive toward, something to set my sights on.

Creative pursuits and skills and jobs are often times based around your skill level, not your credentials.  A musician from Juilliard is great and all, but if he can’t play (which he would have to be able to to graduate from Juilliard so this is a bad example), that degree is doo.  So it takes us being creative and doing things to hone our craft to get anywhere at all.

That’s what a lot of these projects have been about, for me to grow as a person and as a creator by honing in the skills I’ve been gifted with and running with them further.  I’m becoming a better artist by doing the webcomic.  I’m de-dulling my writing skills by doing this blog.  And by doing the Let’s Plays, I’m getting a little better at speaking, while picking up some audio and video skills too.

It’s a lot, and I’m busy and I feel it pretty much all of the time; I guess that’s just life.

It’d be easy for me to say when I don’t get my work done or don’t do as much as I really would like that life’s just in the way, but the reality is, it’s not–I’m the only one holding me back.  My circumstances have changed a dozen times over the past year, but I’ve still kept on track.  Deadlines have been pushed back, things haven’t come out when I’d like for them to, but they are all still going steadily–they’re all still going strong.

Life can only do so much to push you back–it’s your job to ensure you don’t slide any further.


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