Bloom: The One about the Holiday

So I’ve recently discovered that tomorrow (September 29th) is National Coffee Day, another one of the holidays in the same vein as Skyscraper Appreciation Day on August 10, Homemade Bread Day on November 17, and Cellophane Tape Day on May 27 (all of which I believe are for real, but–come on, let’s be honest…).  And while, in the past, I never would have cared for this day too much, it’s something I can genuinely get behind now.

That being said, I’m not going to take a trip somewhere, shop hopping for the latest roasts ten times over, and I’m not going to drink any more on my own than the little bit I do already.  But over the past year, I’ve come to appreciate a lot about coffee and it’s grown into something for me.  That sounds silly since, you know, coffee’s a drink, but there’ve been a lot of moments over the past year that have meant a lot to me, good moments, bad moments, quiet and cold moments, all of which have existed alongside a hot cup.

It’s for that reason that I foresee coffee meaning something for me down the road a ways, even more so than it does already.  I see trips with coffee in the cupholders, wheels pointed toward some far off shop for whatever they’ll have on, and where it once was never a part of my life, I never see that being the case again, and not just because it’s coffee.

Even if there were something that kept me from drinking coffee, or even if, at some point, I just learn to dislike it, there’s a culture around coffee, around the lingo, the craft, the aesthetic, and the smells, that just keeps you coming back, and so regardless of where I stand and whether I want to drink any or not, it will always be there in my life in some way–as a trip, as a conversation, as a moment of bonding, as a thought–and I’m excited to see in what ways it fits in as my life keeps moving forward.

Happy National Coffee Day everyone; get yourself something nice.


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