Life: The One About Things and Fall


I’m never really too sure of when the change from summer to fall happens; I think we’re in fall now.  Actually we are…I guess technically.  See, where I live, summer is one of those things whose presence is felt all year long.  It gets cold here, for sure, but one of the biggest things that makes summer so unbearable is the humidity, is the fact that it can be 70 degrees outside, but feels like you’re shut up in some malleable box that is following you around, holding in the juices, the air, the everything around you, to raise the temperature up about 20.  Fall is near nonexistent as is apparent by the last couple of days: it’s been in the high 60s, but a six day rainstorm has made it feel like a punishment if you are even wearing clothes outside.  It’s rough.

Winter is just knowing that summer is coming and spring is just pre-summer–and then we’re back at it again.

Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad, but my Lord do I hate the summer.  I’ve been ready for it to be over for awhile now and now that it is, I’m just ready for that crisp, brisk, fall air to sweep through and chill us down for the next half of the year.  I’m excited.  And because of that, I’m writing this to kind of touch on a little of what’s going on this fall, what I’m so excited about and why, possibly, this could be the best fall I’ve had so far.  If not that, it’ll be, at the very least, the most productive.

I started my YouTube channel about a week ago ( :: new video up today) <– (Shameless plug) and have, considering the fan base I have currently (whose population is zero), been doing fairly well, though, it’s hard to really gauge success with things like this.  Do you base it off of subscribers? Do you do it off of views? Do you do it based on a person you respect, acknowledging your content? Or do you base it off of something else entirely?

Honestly, while that is all, and would all, be very cool to see rise up and take off, the measure for success I’ve always found in the stuff I create, and in the content I’m creating now, is how much fun I’m having doing it.

Based on that premise, I’m rocking this thing.

Talking into an abyss in hopes that someone will find it can be somewhat demoralizing without the proper intentions.  If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing then you shouldn’t be doing it at all (in regards to this stuff anyway), else you find yourself one month, two months, six months from now, sad and angry with the time you’ve wasted in not accomplishing what it is you really wanted.

Priorities are a huge deal in any sort of creative pursuit and honestly–I’m just excited to be doing this at all.

In the next month or two, I’ll also be launching a webcomic that I’ve been working on for close to a year now that exists for a lot of the same reasons as the YouTube channel: because it’s something I enjoy and want to do and love doing and want to share with whoever will view it.

All of this stuff, everything that I’m doing, has kept me a lot busier than I thought it would.  It’s kept me creating into the early morning hours after a long day with a puppy or at work or something else, waking up the next morning to do it all again.  It’s been tiring.  It’s required discipline, but gosh–I love it.

I’m excited for fall. I’m excited to see this stuff take shape.  I’m excited to see my content consumed and to create a bunch more right behind it.

It’s exciting. It’s fun. We’re doing this. Let’s go.


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