Review: The One About Until Dawn

I wouldn’t dare call myself a horror expert. I wouldn’t even say I’m a connoisseur.

Horror is one of those things that I didn’t really experience until I got a little older, from which I ran away screaming when it found its way onto my radar.  I would be watching my cartoons and fall would come and all of a sudden there would be a shift.  New episodes became Halloween themed and the tone of them, for an instant, was shifted.  Most were Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network fare, some were scary, but all of them took this notion of happy, sometimes problematic, lives going on in a sort of safety net and turned it on its head, putting it all instead into a non-canonical bubble within which the world was set in chaos, even if for a moment. (more…)


Life: The One About Setting Things Down and Moving On

I’ve always had a strange relationship with the idea of quitting things.

When I was a kid I remember the things kids remember: there comes a day, you’re probably five or six, and you’re taken to or made to do something you really could care less about, all for the “experience,” which will make you a more “well-rounded child.” Speaking generally this could be sports, or dance, or playing an instrument, or going to a play–all of which land in a variety of different places on the spectrum of many children’s interests; I wasn’t any different. (more…)


Poem: Rust-Worn Nuts

There’s a clink-clank between the tracks of an old set,

sat, tucked back, grass-grown and forgotten,

by a man humming a child’s song

and the shape of a spindly, twisted dogwood tree.


It’s the candid breeze of nighttime,

a swirled whisper of dewdrops,

woven in with the pink and white bracts

of the treetop nearby, that puts him here now,

tossing rust-worn nuts where the trains ran once.


He’s all things, the worst things, and what he was is no more.

Now, crumpled, nothing, and gone, feigned wonder and light

on a backdrop of black, an eddy in the gloom billowing up and out

and away.


The train tracks creak under the metal braces upon them.

The man sighs sing-song sounds.

And the trains, what they once were, echo nothings in the nighttime.

Life: Mid October Update

It’s really weird to think that October is close to half way over.  Sure, it’s the 12th and there are about 2 1/2 sets of 12 days in the month, but 12 days in is still 12 days in which is much further than it feels like we should be right now. And that’s in large part due to the fact that this month has been busy with puppy sitting and video making and art drawing and what not, and I don’t see any signs of it slowing up now. (more…)

Review: The One About The Blacklist

I had this teacher in high school who taught a Government and Economics class and he had this way of taking what was tedious and unexciting to a teenager (i.e. a Government and Economics class) and making it a little more interesting.  He was lively, opinionated and intelligent–excited to teach a bunch of unappreciative kids a bunch of things they thought wouldn’t matter.

Some days were more interesting than others–some could get downright dull–but one of things I remember most about him, one of things I remember most about his class, was his inkling for the darker parts of our society and way of life. (more…)