Life: Mid October Update

It’s really weird to think that October is close to half way over.  Sure, it’s the 12th and there are about 2 1/2 sets of 12 days in the month, but 12 days in is still 12 days in which is much further than it feels like we should be right now. And that’s in large part due to the fact that this month has been busy with puppy sitting and video making and art drawing and what not, and I don’t see any signs of it slowing up now.

First up, the puppy: a large reason of why I haven’t posted many Puppyhood segments is my lack of pictures of him.  Abbie’s taken a few, I’ve taken a few, but we’re always so busy with what else we have going on that we don’t often have the opportunity to photograph him–and, in my mind, while there’s a lot to say about how he’s been growing up, there aren’t the pictures to match, so I haven’t said much in regards to him because of that.  And I’m sorry.

Flynn is…well, still Flynn. He’s fighty and wild like a little raccoon, faster than everbut he’s bigger now so he’s just even more work.  A lot of what I’ve said recently regarding him–about the running off and wandering and the curious side of his puppyhood–will be, in large part, relieved very soon as we are getting a fence put up that will span a large part of the yard.

For those of you who haven’t seen much on this: he has a lot of land to run and play and be free on but is in a stage where he likes to wander off and venture dangerously close to what is a fairly dangerous road.  The fence will, hopefully, help with that somewhat while still leaving him room to run and be free.

I will definitely figure out a way to post more Puppyhood segments in the near future.  Whether that be by taking more pictures of him or doing something else to head up the posts remains to be figured out, but I definitely want to share more about the baby.

Second–the videos: Paper Bear’s Poop Your Pantstober is in full swing! Everyday, on my YouTube channel, I’ve been putting out horror videos, creepy videos, and general Halloweenie goodness to keep in line with the season.  It’s been a lot to take on and honestly, there are days when I wish I hadn’t committed to a daily project like this, but it’s definitely been exciting.  And scary. And, well, warranting of the title.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback regarding the stuff I’ve posted and people have really been enjoying everything that’s been going up.  Here’s to the latter half of October!

And third–the art: So I’ve been working on my webcomic here for about a year now (or will be a year come December).  There’ve been times where I’ve impressively knocked out the deadlines I’d set for myself, on my way to getting this published, and times when I’ve been at a crawl through it, making little to no progress toward the end goal.  I am in one of the crawling periods.  It isn’t because I don’t have a TON to get done before publishing it, but because I have so much to do elsewhere(see the two points above this)–and since I am, and have been for a while, on the digital side of this process, I can’t just draw pages while I’m at work or sitting somewhere away from home; I have to draw them at my computer.  That leaves me a little limited in how to actually get the content out and I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

Fortunately on that side of things, I will be scaling back the updates on my YouTube channel post Halloween (still regular and frequent, just not daily) so that will give me an unbelievable amount of spare time to get the rest of Lined Paper Lamppost done and ready to go.

That’s about it with me though.  Girlfriend, work, puppy, video, art. Rinse, repeat.  It’s been intensive, but I enjoy it all and I’m excited for the months to come.


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