Puppyhood: Day Ninety-Five

Wow. So it’s been awhile. When I posted an update for how October had been going, I mentioned the puppy briefly, but I haven’t done a proper post about him for well over a month and a half.  And I feel like it’d be good to get up a new one.

I mentioned this in the post, but a large part of why I haven’t posted about Flynn hasn’t been because he hasn’t done anything of note–on the contrary, every day is an adventure in and of itself–but because I don’t take the time often enough to take his picture for anything really, and would hate for a post to go unaccompanied (if I ever switch my layout to something that does NOT include featured images for the posts, then disregard these reasons); I find myself just letting the posts pass silently without getting to be published properly.

But I want to do better at that. I want to share more about him.

Right now–Flynn is almost five months old. When we got him he was barely seven weeks, and as he gets bigger and stronger and faster and more monstrous, that puppiness that was there day one and day two is still just as prevalent closing in on day 100.  He has more energy than any dog I’ve ever seen and has spurts of just wild, uncontrollable mania more times a day than I can count.  And while I like to think I knew what I was getting into originally, I would only be lying if I did.

Cattle Dogs, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and the like are a breed in a class of their own.  They’re brilliant, they’re spunky, they have more character than they can contain and I think every day they’re struggled with, they know it. They know that we have to love them. They know we have to wrangle them in and they pull on the reins even harder because of it–but the funny thing is, and I’ve noticed this with Flynn, I think it all works out okay. I think there’s a level of respect that is different in them than in other dogs.  All I’ve heard from anyone who’s had a Heeler or an Aussie is that they grow to be the best dogs in the world, even if they are terrible puppies.

I think it’s a test.

I think they want you to earn that good dog, to put up with them, to not throw them out the door one day for good, and when you do, they give you what you wanted all along: a great and wonderful dog.

Flynn will be that. We’ve seen signs that he’s starting to settle into his role. We can tell he’s getting it a little bit.  But it all takes time.  I love the booger, even if he’s a monster–he’ll be a great dog one day.

He’s a great dog already.

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