Side Note: Why The Harbored and Homesick

So my girlfriend recently has been underway building up a photography blog (which is wonderful and you should check it out: here), and amidst all of the photoshoots and planning and editing and what not, she took the time to explain where the name for her blog came from, which in turn inspired me to do the same.

Seeing as how the majority of the blogs authored by the people I know personally are [their name], mine can seem a little strange, out of place, and seemingly unrelated to…well, anything.  But that isn’t true.

When I was wanting to start this blog, I thought very hard about why I wanted to start it (I go in a lot more detail righcheer).  I graduated a year and a half ago as an English major, but haven’t written much since.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to write, or didn’t have an itch or ideas for things to write about, but because my last year in college was so brutal and consuming that I needed a break from it all for awhile–from writing, from thinking about writing, from English things in general.  But recently, as I’ve been cranking away through the webcomic process, I had the idea for writing again, for sharing my thoughts on a lot of different things, and providing a platform for when my comic went live to still write and talk for those who wanted to read.

That’s how this all was born.

When I started my first blog two years ago, I started it as an accompaniment to the novel I was writing at the time (again–more on that in the link above here).  I wrote about writing, about my novel and the process, with the purpose and intent of creating an anthology of thoughts that I could look back on at some point nostalgically.  And so that others could too–in the same way I follow an author’s blog now and consume all from when they were just starting out.  But I found that that approach was extremely claustrophobic.  Every time I wanted to write I felt like I had to have some profound writing advice, or revelatory thought about my novel and the process and after a couple of posts, that blog died, and nothing new really came out of it.

With this, I didn’t want that fate–I wanted to take a more general stance on things. I wanted to write about everything I was interested in right now, about my life right now, because, well, my life is right now, and what better thing to write about?

Because of that, I thought about where I have been and currently am right now and what I wanted to convey through this blog, through this name–through me.

Post-college life isn’t something they tell you about in high school.  It’s all about getting into college, getting scholarships, adjusting to what they tell you is going to be the way things work in college (which high school never does well), and getting a degree that will take you one day to the heights you know you deserve.  But they never prepare you for day one after college. Or day two. Or day thirty. Or three-hundred because you can’t prepare for that.

It’s a scourge, an agonizing blight that gives you a glimpse into the “growing up” and “being an adult” they (“they” being the adults who have done this and probably laugh under their breath as we go through it) always tell you about–and that’s just in regards to the identity issues and poor job happenings that plague most people after graduating.  If you have a kid or are married or face other issues besides the norm after college, then this probably only gets worse.

And don’t get me wrong–being a recent graduate isn’t a bad thing. I’m happy–happiest I’ve been in years–but it can be, and is, tiring and stressful and makes me in particular yearn for something simpler.

So as I was trying to think up a name, I wanted something that captured that idea since the things under its umbrella would largely address some of the struggles and frustrations I’ve had.  I toyed around with a lot of different names, but I landed on The Harbored and Homesick for this reason:

Because through all of this, this…post-college year or two, I’ve wanted something more, to feel like I’m moving forward with being an adult: moving out, working full-time, paying bills, all of that (though that is and has been entirely dependent on where God wants me at this point in my life) and that wanting, that feeling as if you aren’t moving forward, can make you, can make me, feel alone.

The Harbored and Homesick came out of the knowledge that I would do so much more, that I had incredible callings and plans set before me, but wasn’t in a place to fully pursue them as the 23 that I currently am.  It’s as if I were anchored here, harbored here, physically and otherwise, but homesick for the place, the somewhere, I’d be one day when the sowing period turned to harvest.  It’s about that feeling, about what I enjoy and makes me me through it all when that is the place that I am.

Sure, you could say that that names makes the blog less personal than [my name], but I’d argue you’re wrong.  I’d argue it’s more personal than anything else I could have named it.

And I like it for that.



2 thoughts on “Side Note: Why The Harbored and Homesick

  1. Absolutely loved it. Your thoughts reflect the same as my own. I made my blog just last week because after numerous attempts to create one, I was just writing about the past, and that made it die quickly. I had no inspiration whatsoever to recount my story. In fact, I felt trapped trying to come up with something amazing about the past. But just writing about what is currently happening in my life, right now, is never-ending. New stories to tell each week, you know? Don’t give up on this blog; I like your style of writing.


    1. Exactly. Everyday, whether it’s at work or through my puppy or through my interests, something presents itself that I can write about. Makes it a WHOLE lot easier to write about things that way than focusing on one central idea.

      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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