Review: The Best Books I’ve Read (or am Currently Reading) This Year: 2015

I love the end of the year.  Autumn and winter are in full swing, there’s a chill in the air, and the lists of bests start rolling in quicker than is humanly possible to sift through.  I’ve been sharing a few lists of my own over the past month or so with movies and television, but I want to talk today about my favorite books, not ever mind you–just what I’ve been into this year. (more…)


Life: Mid-December Update

I’m falling a little behind with this.

It’s always when I get super busy (or at least when in my mind I’m super busy) that I struggle to keep up with posting things.  It isn’t that I don’t have things to say, but I feel like when I get out of the groove of actually saying those things and neglect thinking and sharing aloud, it only becomes harder to get back into it the longer I go without posting.

So, I want to kickstart some mid-December action, some 4 days from Christmas-ness, with just an update of sorts. (more…)