Puppyhood: Day One-Hundred and Thirty

We are due for a new puppy post.  In this edition, Puppy is less and less puppy and gradually becoming a dog.

It’s amazing how quickly that happens.

All of the pets I’ve had weren’t necessarily ever “mine.” I lived (and still live) with them, I took care of them, but they weren’t dependent on me the way they were my mom.  My mom fed them, my mom took them to the vet–I just simply inhabited the same space while my mom made sure they lived.

Flynn is the first animal that has ever been partially dependent on me.  Abbie could do it without me should I vanish or get chopped up and shoved into a freezer, but we’re doing this together because together is easier than alone, whatever that means.  Even with how much “easier” us being together has been, with Flynn–it’s never easy.  He’s a hurricane of fur and teeth and claws and spunk and as he’s gotten older, and so much bigger, that hurricane has only gotten worse.

Well…not worse.  He’s actually been becoming an incredible dog and the issues we were having that are just inherently puppy are starting to be replaced by good dog traits.  But he’s still a puppy–and for a while, regardless of how big he gets, he’ll still think he’s a puppy, which, when combined with his size, is just a recipe for disaster.

He’s been good though.  We have a fence now so he’s able to run and be free.  He’s playing more, relaxing more, and is overall settling into a groove that is much easier for us and probably easier for him.  At this point, with how big he is, and how crazy he can get, I don’t know what we would do without the fence.

Thank God we have it.

He will be getting fixed soon too so that’ll be a fun ordeal.  He’s started showing A LOT of his male, adult, traits and we’ll just be glad to nip those in the bud.  Meanwhile, we’re curbing him by still reminding him who’s in charge, training him up, and doing our best to steer him right so that when he is older, he knows where he stands.

Updates will follow post snip-snip.  We’ll see how he’s doing then.


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