Life: Mid-December Update

I’m falling a little behind with this.

It’s always when I get super busy (or at least when in my mind I’m super busy) that I struggle to keep up with posting things.  It isn’t that I don’t have things to say, but I feel like when I get out of the groove of actually saying those things and neglect thinking and sharing aloud, it only becomes harder to get back into it the longer I go without posting.

So, I want to kickstart some mid-December action, some 4 days from Christmas-ness, with just an update of sorts.

A large part of why I haven’t been posting has been my webcomic.  I’m laying a lot of color right now and haven’t felt like I’ve been doing enough even when that’s all I’ve been doing.  And alongside that, I’m building up the website that will, hopefully, house this whole thing using a less than rudimentary, three-year old level grasp of code, and the time between customers at work to do it.

It’s been a lot.

When I’m at home, I’m coloring. When I’m away, I’m trying to figure out the website.  The posting times are there, but they’re kind of just eclipsed by the other things I feel I need to do first.

But that’s okay; I’m getting there.  It’s just taking a super long time.

In other news, I saw the brand new, and very awesome, Star Wars movie the other night and it was quite delightful.  Wonderful actually. I plan to write out a post in the next couple of days with a more in depth bit of thought on it all, but in the meantime, if you’re interested, just know that it’s great–and if you have any interest AT ALL in seeing it, do yourself a favor and just go–if for nothing else than to join in on all of the excitement for one of the greatest moments in film and nerd culture in years.

Also, Christmas is coming up here in a few days and…I’m less excited than I usually am.

It isn’t because I’m not excited, but Christmas hasn’t felt like Christmas this year.  I feel like it’s because I’ve been so busy and I haven’t been able to see the tree and the stockings and what not very much.  I haven’t been thinking about it much either. I didn’t even realize my mom hadn’t made a batch of Christmas cookies yet until she finally did only yesterday.

It’s just kind of weird.

I guess I’m growing up a little bit–that could be a part of it–but it’s Christmas regardless and I’m happy about that, even if the hyped up excitement is down this time.

Other than that–I think you’re caught up.  Again–webcomic.  It will be coming up in January if all goes according to plan so keep your eyes peeled.  It will be all over everything and people will know about it because I will make sure they do.

I’ll be back before Christmas, but enjoy Christmas week! Things really get fun and exciting and crazy and scary about this time (I’m looking at you car driving people, out buying stuff for someones).


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