Oh…It’s Christmas Already

In the immortal words of Darlene Love, sung again, and made popular, by Mariah Carey: “They’re singing ‘Deck the Halls’ but it’s not like Christmas at all. Please. Baby please. Come Home. Please. Home home. Baby.”

And for the first time–it’s true.

This year has not felt like Christmas.  Not yet. And it’s the eve of the eve of Christmas.  It’s the Eve eve and the spirit still just isn’t there–at least not for me.

I blame the weather and my schedule for most of it.  Where I live it’s been abnormally mild.  Christmas day it’ll be in the low 70s which is a fair bit higher than the couple of years ago where it was snowing early Christmas morning.  It’s been like that for most of the month too: warmish, wet with brief glimpses of winter, only to return to the warmth more akin to mid April than mid December.

It’s nice sometimes I suppose, but it isn’t Christmas.  Christmas is cold and cozy with warm coffee and blankets, not shorts and boats and sunglasses and sweat.  And if only there were a bitter little cold front that would overtake us come Friday, Christmas may seem more Christmas.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been so busy.  I say that like I have tons going on; the reality is I don’t.  But so much of my day is consumed with things that I either have to do or will have to do or need to do so that tomorrow when I do other things I will have less to do and make up for.  And that makes the days seem shorter.  It causes the hoped for Christmas spirit of “calm down and chill” to be replaced with the spirit of “Get out of my way! I’m in a hurry.”

That’s what we often know the season for and it makes me sad to feel a part of it this year.  It makes me sad to feel like I’m constantly in a rush to consolidate as much of what I’m doing during the day as possible so that I can get as much done within it.  But that’s how it’s been.  And how it will be for the next month or so.  Unfortunately.

It is still Christmas though! There are great moments to be had and family to share it all with so–no, it may not feel like Christmas, but it is Christmas and the next couple of days will still be great because of that.


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