General: Conspiracy Theories, The Flat World We Live On, and You

A couple of nights ago, I got home late.  I changed into a pair of pajama pants, sat cross-legged in my computer chair with a mug of hot tea beside me and laid everything out to draw.

Usually before I begin drawing, I settle in a bit: I check a couple of websites, sink down into my chair, turn something on (maybe a podcast, a movie, maybe just some music), and kind of relax for a moment before digging in.  And as I was making my way through that routine, I came across an article that I really had no idea how to process properly.

This one–about rapper B.o.B. and why he believes–no, is certain–the Earth is flat. (more…)


Side Note: We’re About to Get Some Snow!

That title may be misleading. Perhaps what I should have said is: “We may be about to get some semblance of a snowy, freezing, slushy abomination that may possibly be the closest thing to snow we have this year.”  

That seems more right.  Righter? More correct?


As the north is preparing for the blizzard of the year, expecting somewhere between a foot or two of snow, we are gearing up for our yearly frozen mess, as is consistent with the south.  We don’t often get much in the way of wintry precipitation, but when we do it’s often frozen, often messy, rarely pretty, and fairly dangerous–dangerous because not only is our area not terribly equipped to deal with winter weather, the people who drive in it are a hazard in and of themselves.  That’s what makes winter dangerous in the south.  That’s what makes any day in South Carolina dangerous: the drivers.

We’ll see how it goes though.  It’s supposed to start tomorrow night, we’re looking at a couple of inches of snow and a half an inch or so of ice.

Pray for our souls.  We may not make it out alive.

Life: The Art of Creating Opportunities

Post-college life is difficult.

Not because there is, or should be, anything about your life or mine that is exceedingly difficult to be in charge of and deal with (kids, bills, debt, health issues), but because there is an expectation placed upon us from the moment we graduate until we begin to adult that we should want nothing less and should aspire to nothing less than to fit into a mold of what it means to grow up. (more…)

Review: The Revenant

When I was in high school I took this film studies class where every chapter we would focus on an aspect of film and watch movies that succeeded in those aspects.  We watched JawsCitizen Kane, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a good dozen or two other movies–and among the bunch was a movie I’d never seen, and will probably never see again.

Saving Private Ryan. (more…)

Side Note: Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday and, it’s kind of weird, but–it didn’t feel like it.

That isn’t to say that the birthday itself, despite what could have happened to celebrate it, would have ever felt like my birthday, but it just seems like it came up so fast.  I’ve been so busy, so nose to table, for the past, I don’t know, six months, that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday just seem to have passed me by.

It makes me sad because the fall and winter is my favorite time of year and I hate to have missed it for the most part.

But, and I guess this is to my credit, my birthday is fairly largely forgotten; it’s never a huge production.  Don’t get me wrong, the people that matter for the most part are the ones who remember my birthday, but there’s very little fanfare, very little going on that it just kind of comes and goes like any other day and no one–sometimes myself included–is really all the wiser.

I’m 24 now, and while 24 isn’t known for being all that special of a year, I feel like this year is my year, that the anxiety I felt at 22 and 23 will give way to some really incredible opportunities.  Career paths, callings, new skills being built–ahoy! I think some cool things will happen.

I Finished Life is Strange and Boy–Was it Good

I did it.  After a year of picking it up, putting it down, checking out an episode, before setting it aside, only to come back later, hardly remembering the choices I’d made, I finally finished Life is Strange. And–although it shouldn’t surprise me–the review I gave after having only finished the first two episodes, the place on my top 5 list after having only dabbled in the third, I don’t believe were written from a position of actually knowing what the game was trying to tell me, but rather from one with a severe lack of understanding, trying to guess at how I felt and would feel about the game as a whole, without actually knowing.

All of this–my finishing the game, this article, my thoughts on it all–was brought about by a conversation I had a week ago. (more…)