Resolutions for the New Year: 2016

Resolutions are a funny thing.  Regardless of if its by year or by some other milestone, its natural for us to want to set goals of some sort for our every day that we can continuously strive for. But often times, perhaps because we’re optimists or just plain bad judges of our own drive, opportunities, and abilities, we fail to follow through with everything that we set out to accomplish.

The new year, because it has such a clean start and finish, is the most popular time for these goals to be set, but I, because I forget, don’t ever set them.  I don’t tend to look back on the year behind envious for wanting to do more.  As much as I may not have been able to accomplish in that vanished time, there is a whole lot more that I was.  And even though I feel as though I’ve done a bit this year, I was considerably less content with what I managed to complete this time.

That isn’t because I didn’t try, but because 23 is just a suckish age to be.  The world wants you to be an adult, you want to be an adult, but it’s hard to manage to do that well when you were recently only a child.  Over the past year I was approached about a number of full time positions, the couple I followed through with didn’t work out, I began an artistic project early in the year that fell through rather quickly–and the project I’ve kept up with, the webcomic I began a year ago, has taken much longer than intended.

I’ve grown a lot, I’ve come a long way, but I would have loved to have attained more.

That is why I am laying out a list of goals for myself that I would like to get done.


  • I would like to move out.  I’ve been living at home, working in a coffee shop, since graduating college.  It’s been an experience–something I will look back on, be thankful for, and cherish greatly for years to come, but t’s something that is outgrowing its valued place in my life.  I want to move on, to be an adult, even if a month after finding my place, I long to just move back home.  It’s time.  And whether that be through a full time job or some other creative means, it’s okay–as long as I am moving forward.
  • I would like to move into a full-time job.  During my senior year, I felt a strong calling toward the ministry in my local church and felt as though the step I would make after college would be being employed by them.  Come time to graduate, they were too overstaffed, and were in the process of transitioning into a near two year period of hiring freeze.  I’ve pursued several avenues, a couple other jobs, held out hope, waited patiently for a door to open there, and close to two years later–nothing has worked out.  But I still feel that calling.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’ve heard the calling wrong all of this time, but I don’t believe so.  I am still praying for the opportunity to serve at a capacity wherein I can bring people closer to Jesus, where I can be given the responsibility to make meaningful choices, to have a voice in the church.  If I don’t, that’s okay.  I’ve felt that calling, but I’m proud in the way that I’ve pursued it.  I’ve done everything I can to secure a job, to humble myself and position myself better so that I can be a better man for the job I would be given, but if it doesn’t work out, that’s for a reason–and I’ll step away from it gracefully.  A full-time job may not be with the church–it may never be–but as an adult, especially one wanting to move out, I have to be okay with that.
  • I want to finish, and maintain, my webcomic.  The reason being that I have grown so much from this project, the project itself not being the main goal, but rather the skills I will continue to develop from it.  It will be done here in the next month, but the real challenge will be keeping it up.
  • I would like to better define the friendships I am a part of, pursue the ones I want in my life, and drop the ones I don’t–or rather the ones where the other doesn’t want me.  I’ve seen a number of friends over the past couple of years come and go, but the majority I either don’t pursue well enough or am not pursued by the friend on the other side of the relationship.  My goal is to get better with my friends, and stop caring as much about the ones that aren’t.
  • Read more books. I have a lot of books and read, or try to, as much as I can, but I would like to read, say, a modest 30 books this year–and have every intention to do so.

Those are my biggest goals for the year.  I have others–some I probably don’t even know about yet–but those are my primary ones.

Here’s to 2016. Let’s hope we can get some stuff done.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions for the New Year: 2016

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