Side Note: We’re About to Get Some Snow!

That title may be misleading. Perhaps what I should have said is: “We may be about to get some semblance of a snowy, freezing, slushy abomination that may possibly be the closest thing to snow we have this year.”  

That seems more right.  Righter? More correct?


As the north is preparing for the blizzard of the year, expecting somewhere between a foot or two of snow, we are gearing up for our yearly frozen mess, as is consistent with the south.  We don’t often get much in the way of wintry precipitation, but when we do it’s often frozen, often messy, rarely pretty, and fairly dangerous–dangerous because not only is our area not terribly equipped to deal with winter weather, the people who drive in it are a hazard in and of themselves.  That’s what makes winter dangerous in the south.  That’s what makes any day in South Carolina dangerous: the drivers.

We’ll see how it goes though.  It’s supposed to start tomorrow night, we’re looking at a couple of inches of snow and a half an inch or so of ice.

Pray for our souls.  We may not make it out alive.


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