Bloom: Janice in Accounting

“That’s life.”

“Life’s not fair.”

Those are probably two of the most overused phrases from adults who have only tried very little to understand what anyone else who is having any sort of issue may be struggling with (i.e. someone not getting a job when someone else at some point has had that same trouble, or…you know, something like that).  It’s lazy in a sort of way, to dismiss the troubles of someone else without taking the time to understand those troubles, to believe that because you can somewhat relate, you understand a person and what they’re going through; it’s a wrong way of thinking. (more…)


Puppyhood: Day Two-Hundred and Twelve

I imagine when I say what I’m going to say it will strike a chord in parents immediately:

Have you ever been afraid–not for yourself, but for your child, in a very sudden way, where one minute you’re calm, but everything changes, and the adrenaline’s pumping, and your child is making noises that make you afraid for how okay they are, and you’re running, you’re running, throwing on shoes, grabbing a bazooka, and heading out the door to face whatever unknown is out there? (more…)

A Comic is Coming and That Comic is Mine

If you’ve been in, at least, some way observant toward my blog since it began last August, you will have noticed a lonely page along the top row of links titled, “Lined Paper Lamppost.”  And if you were even further observant, enough so to click on the link, read the brief and the little image that sits there, then you would know that “Lined Paper Lamppost” is actually a webcomic that I’ve been working on publishing for a while now.  And the exciting news here in regards to that comic is that, if everything goes according to plan, it will be released later this month after over a year of work. (more…)

The 90s Kid: Why We Are Who We Are

I was a 90s kid; I identify myself as such–born at the beginning of 1992, I was well into elementary school when 2000 began, and everything that made that decade “the 90s” was a firm part of my life growing up: the television shows, the toys, the gadgets, the cheesy commercials, the cheesier horrible sodas (I’m looking at you Pepsi Blue) all continue to permeate my memories of childhood with varying degrees of nostalgia and “what the hell were we doing back then?”

It was a great time to be a kid (more…)