A Comic is Coming and That Comic is Mine

If you’ve been in, at least, some way observant toward my blog since it began last August, you will have noticed a lonely page along the top row of links titled, “Lined Paper Lamppost.”  And if you were even further observant, enough so to click on the link, read the brief and the little image that sits there, then you would know that “Lined Paper Lamppost” is actually a webcomic that I’ve been working on publishing for a while now.  And the exciting news here in regards to that comic is that, if everything goes according to plan, it will be released later this month after over a year of work.

I started LPL a couple of days after Christmas 2014.  I’d recently become very interested in building up my skills in art and cartooning, but was struggling to find a project or an idea that really got me jazzed to keep going–which is how I tend to be with artistic pursuits.  I love to draw, I love to play music, I was a Creative Writing major so, as you might expect, I also love to write, but without something to work toward (i.e. a comic or a novel or something like that) I find it hard to make incredible strides in building those skills and actually, consistently creating.

LPL was the answer to that.

I’ve wanted to create a webcomic since I was in middle school.  A number of the podcasts I listened to at the time were hosted by webcomic creators and artists and, in the heart of the budding little artist I was, I set that, creating a webcomic, as a goal I would have for myself one day.

Then I fell out of art.

Entering college, I was a music major, and later switched to English, and the dreams I had of being an artist when I was younger took a back seat to what I was doing.  Before long, it’d been close to 4 years since I’d tried drawing last, and while I was better at writing and music and what I felt I would be using and should be using for the rest of my life, I missed art.  It came back to me slowly–the desire to be immersed in art again–but when it did, I began to really, genuinely miss being a part of that culture, of being someone who was attempting to be at some point in the future an artist in some sort of way.

Lined Paper Lamppost is a culmination of that desire, of my wanting to be a better artist and doing everything I can to build the skills that I have.  It’s been a long time coming, it’s required a lot of discipline, it’s required I, in whatever may be going on in life, set aside time to think and draw and grow and create something I feel could contribute to this project–but I feel like it’s been worth it.  A year’s worth of discipline, of saying everyday, “I will do this and get this done,” has been a huge boost toward the overall adult that I am supposed to and inevitably will be one day, and while I look at it and realize it is nothing great in terms of art or writing, it is my best, it is a testament to how much I have grown, and at the end of the day–I’m proud of that.

I’m proud of the work I’ve put into this project, of the final product that will, I hope, be a part of my life for a good few years to come, and, even just in one year, I really look forward to seeing the difference in me when I look back from then to now.

That’s the amazing thing about art, about writing, or dancing, or acting is that the time put in pays off.  Feed the skill your care, your desire to get even better, and the results you get back will astound you.

So Lined Paper Lamppost–it’s a comic.  Look for updates here leading up to its launch.  I’ll probably post something about what it is about, where the idea came from–things like that–over the next couple of weeks and when I have a solid release date, a website to link, and more to tell you, I’ll throw that up here.

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