Lined Paper Lamppost Has An Official Release Date!

After 15 months, Lined Paper Lamppost, my baby and, until soon, unreleased webcomic, has an official release date:

April 7!

That is two weeks from today, which is crazy to me that it is and could be finally getting released.  That being said, there is a website dedicated to the webcomic, but it is, at this moment, not quite finished.  It will however be done come time for the release and I will link it right here.

Get excited. Tell your friends. In the words of Donald Trump:

It’s gonna be ‘uge.

General: Life’s Too Short to Not Be Passionate

I grew up with a serious mother, which isn’t to say she was, or is today, unable to laugh, to have fun, to be goofy or to love, but she was, and continues on today to be, serious.

She’s a realist. (more…)

General: The Value of What You Value

One Monday, during the spring semester of my junior year in college, I got an email from my advisor.  She was informing me, and another two dozen or so students, that later on that week we would be meeting to discuss our senior theses and the steps we should and would be taking over the next couple of months to proactively move forward.

Even now, looking back, that moment gives me a deep, scorching, gassy feeling in darkest pits of my body– (more…)

General: Lined Paper Lamppost–What is it All About?

So last week I spoke about how my webcomic, Lined Paper Lamppost, came to be: what drove me to create it, some of the struggles I’ve had while creating it, and how excited I am for it to actually be released after so much time being created.  Today I want to speak on what it’s all about.

If last week was the “why,” let this week be the “what.” (more…)

General: Lined Paper Lamppost–How Did We Get Here?

So a couple of weeks ago, I threw up a post about the comic I’ve been working on for the past….oh, fourteen months and how it is finally, after long last, coming into being, very very soon.  In that post I said that I would talk a little about Lined Paper Lamppost (hither to be shortened to and referred to as “LPL”) over the coming weeks, leading up to its launch, and this post, in case you couldn’t tell, is the start of said talking about. (more…)