A Boycott, A Bathroom, and the Fine Art of Discrimination

I don’t often share my opinions of political or societal issues on the internet.  Face-to-face, sure, but the internet doesn’t often allow for safe expression of opinions.  Think something, no matter how innocuous or inconsequential to life’s entire whole and there will be someone waiting to tell you you’re wrong, that you’re stupid, uniformed and naive, and that you should just go and die, right now, just go, for thinking what you think.

But this is my blog, a place I’ve curated to share opinions, to share experiences, and in light of certain events taking place in our country today, it is a place that I will post this. (more…)


Life: Adventure is Out There

If I were to say that when I was in college I knew exactly what I’d be doing when I finished, that I knew what the year college ended, the year after that, or the five years following would hold for me job-wise or life-wise, then I’d be lying. It isn’t a revelation to say that, because I’ve come to discover in the two years since graduating that no one knows what they want to do ultimately, and the few twenty-somethings that do often times don’t yet have the means to actually accomplish the things they want to accomplish.  Then there are the alien few who land their dream jobs straight out of college–but we aren’t talking about them; we’ll pretend they don’t even exist. (more…)

Today is Lined Paper Lamppost’s Launch Day!

It has finally happened! After over a year of working on this webcomic project, the day has come for it to be released into the world! The link you can go to find it is both right here (at linedpaperlamppost.tumblr.com) and behind the “Lined Paper Lamppost” link, which you will find in the top menu.

Check it out. Like it, comment on it, reblog it, share it, print it out and mail it by carrier pigeon to your aunt on that island in the south Pacific.  It’s going to be a long journey so follow along with me.

Thank you!

There’s Been A Slight Setback

As was announced last week, Lined Paper Lamppost was supposed to be launching today, in all of its cartoony, artistic glory.  But that didn’t happen.

There were a couple things I didn’t account for when I set that release date a couple of weeks back and, so the comic is at its best when it launches, I’ve had to move the release date back.  The fortunate thing about this news is that the push back is really only a nudge–it’s only been moved back a week, so now, the official (and permanent) release date for my webcomic is April 14!

Thank you for your patience, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m super excited to get this out there.