I Was Writing a Novel Back When I Was in College

About three years ago, it was the summer before my senior year in college and I wanted to write a novel.  It was an ambitious project, one that, as I’m sure I’ve spoken about many times, fell to the side as I began working on senior things, like my thesis and other work, all of which, at the time, was dominating my schedule.  Since then, the novel I was working on has collected dust and, as of right now, I have no real interest in carrying it forward.  It was, in my mind, a great potential story and one I will always love when I look back on it, but with all of the stories I want to tell and with how I’ve grown in being able to tell them, it’s difficult to want to look backward at something I’ve done as opposed to creating something new.

To keep that bit of an unfinished novel alive though, I want to, periodically, post excerpts from what I wrote, which totaled in all close to three full chapters and a prologue.  Sometimes this will be in the form of entire scenes, small exchanges, or, in the case of what I am posting here, an entire prologue.  Again, as much as I thoroughly enjoy looking back at this, keep in mind everything I am posting was never edited–it was all first draft content–so, be easy.  Enjoy! (more…)


Puppyhood: Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Four

It has been about four months to the day that I have written a post about the Flynn pup.  This opens up a number of lingering questions that I haven’t been asked, but could very well have been asked if anyone was actually reading what I was writing: what happened to him? How old is he now? Did he finally escape to impose his puppy will upon an unsuspecting and frankly ill-equipped populace? Well… (more…)

I’m Not a Writer

I’ve had a hard time recently coming up with things to write about.  It’s funny because I started this blog the way that I did to prevent that from happening.  I made it about my everyday life, I made it general, I made the decision to not focus on any one thing so that I  could just write whenever I wanted to, about whatever I wanted to, but I’ve had a hard time doing that lately.  So, to add a little something new into the mix, I am launching a new category on the blog titled “Inkblots” that will be dedicated to posts about writing: writing tips I’ve learned, how I’m using my writing right now, and any just general musings about writing.

This will be the first post in the category. (more…)

Adult Life is a Void of Unyielding Confusion…and That’s Okay.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time then you’ve probably come across a rambling or two I’ve had wherein I’ve said something along these lines: “adulting is hard” or “life after college is hard” or “rocks are hard” (the last one, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean it is any less true).  And the reason it’s popped up so many times is because…well, it’s accurate.  Every kid imagines the day they leave college to be similar to that mythical moment when a beached sea-oyster opens its maw to reveal a globe-sized pearl ripe for plucking, as if classes and teachers and homework and tests are the real obstacles in the way of life, and the moments and days past them are gold and smooth sailing, paved nicely with hopes and smiles.

Kind of wrong. (more…)

Stick Around, Dad–It’s Worth It

I’m anticipating the strangeness of it, where one day I’m a husband, where one day I’m a father, and June rolls through and Father’s Day comes and I’m given a gift and a kiss and a day just for me simply for being a dad–

simply for being there.

It’s strange for me because I never grew up with a father.   (more…)