Puppyhood: Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Four

It has been about four months to the day that I have written a post about the Flynn pup.  This opens up a number of lingering questions that I haven’t been asked, but could very well have been asked if anyone was actually reading what I was writing: what happened to him? How old is he now? Did he finally escape to impose his puppy will upon an unsuspecting and frankly ill-equipped populace? Well…

Flynn is one now! He turned one year old on June 10th.  It was a roasting 90-something degrees with a high humidity, so we pulled out a big kiddie pool to let him splash around in.  For whatever reason he has always loved water.  Any time it rains, he is always splashing and jumping around in the puddles.  If you pull out the hose, he wants you to spray him.  He is a weirdo in that way–so he had an absolute blast in the pool.  We also got him some puppy cookies from the local groomer that he devoured in seconds and we also tried very hard to put a party hat on his head which…didn’t quite work (picture of the results can be seen in the featured image).

Other than that, Flynn has been Flynn: he’s crazy, he’s a whirlwind and every day with him is an adventure.  And a nightmare.  He’s still far from being an adult (Blue Heelers don’t tend to settle the way most adults do until they are almost two) so we’ve still a long way to go, but he’s definitely, every day, becoming better.  We have an in-home trainer coming later on in the summer to work on him with his territorial tendencies (not over things but over other people entering his home) and the hope is, once we are able to curb that negative side of his development, we will be set, somewhat, with most of the things we’ve raised as issues.

He’s a great dog, and I look forward to seeing him grow this next year, and the year after that, and seeing the dog he will be ten years from now.  He’s my buddy–I’m happy I have him and I can only partially imagine where he’ll go from here.

Oh and here are some pool pictures!

7 thoughts on “Puppyhood: Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Four

  1. Your Flynn is very handsome. Let me tell you that I am in the same boat, almost, with a puppy named Abby that just turned one year old in April. I am a dog trainer and I focus more on behavior than training and let me tell you that Abby, a Beagle/Bulldog mix, has been so far the most challenging dog I’ve ever had and trained. I am glad you are working with a trainer to modify his behavior. Good luck and keep us posted!


    1. It sure is a challenge. As I think I touched on, I’ve never owned a dog before, though my fiancée and her family have owned many. I always believed owning my first dog would be a struggle for a time, but I never imagined some of the challenges we’ve faced in Flynn. I’m happy for those challenges though. He’s a beautiful dog, a sweet sweet boy and will grow up to be a great adult in time, but for now, we just are trying our best to love him well. Sometimes that means playing with him until we both give out and sometimes it means us dedicating a lot of time to making sure he’s well adjusted and properly trained. It’ll work out well I’m sure 🙂

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      1. Yes it will. By the way, when you are playing with him, to get him tired faster, get him to sit before throwing the ball for him. Then ask him to give it to you or to drop it. If you do this type of structured play, you’ll notice that he’ll get tired faster. Why? He is working his body and mind.


      2. Way ahead of you! We’ve been trying to do that with him every since he was tiny. When he wants to go out, when he wants to go in, when he wants us to play with him, etc.; He’s always done really well with that.

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