Engagement Update! We’ve Got Some Things Booked

So it hasn’t been all that long since Abbie and I got engaged.  At the time of this writing it has been a little under a month, but a lot has happened since then.  Because of how short it will be from the proposal to the ceremony, we have had to get on the ball quick in order to have things set for November.  Fortunately, Abbie is a planner.  She was on it all day one and at this moment, we have a venue booked, a caterer booked, and the photographers we wanted as well.  So much of the big stuff is taken care of already which is a huge weight off of our shoulders (and by our I mean hers because I haven’t done much in the way of planning).

What is unique to our situation and what has added a wrinkle to our wedding planning is the matter of the last name change.  In normal marriages, the wife takes the last name of the husband and they move on, but with ours, I am changing my last name and Abbie will then be adopting that one; it is then, because of that, significantly more complicated.  The reason I’m doing that is because of my father.  He left when I was a baby, I have no relationship with him (which is a topic I’m suuuuure has come up before) and I made the choice years ago to, when I got married, shed his last name for something new.  In theory, it doesn’t seem all that hard, but changing your identity is difficult, especially in the world we live in today.  You have to get background checked, you have to be fingerprinted, you potentially have to have a hearing before a judge, and hire an attorney to help you with it all.  It’s not easy, it costs money, and it can add unneeded stress to the wedding planning process.

But it will be worth it.

We’ll be getting on the name change sometime next week so that we can have it done and ready by the time we send out invitations, and once that is behind us, it should be fairly smooth sailing.  We’ll have a suit to get, a dress for her, flowers, and music, and honeymoon planning, but a lot of the stuff will continue to roll onward if what we’ve gotten done so far is any indication.  It’s exciting. I’m excited, though I haven’t done much.  Such is being the groom at his wedding.


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