Jolly Independence (and a Happy Anniversary)!

Happy (almost) July 4th everyone! I hope you have had, and continue to have, a great holiday weekend.

July 4th is special to me, not just because of…you know, national freedom, but because of a big single moment that happened around now a couple of years ago: I began dating my soon to be wife.  I won’t go into that too deeply and I won’t get all sappy, but I do want to say that I’m excited–about this weekend and the next couple of days, about our marriage in a couple of months, and about the fact that two years ago I had no idea where I would be today.  July 4th is about celebration for our freedom, our camaraderie, but for me, the fourth of July will also always be the day before I began dating my wife.

It’s special. And so is our recognition of colonial independence so it’s fitting they fall around the same time.


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