Lined Paper Lamppost: How’s it Doing?

When I first launched my webcomic Lined Paper LamppostI was filled with a lot of things: anxiety, excitement, gas (probably) and in the days that followed, I wasn’t able to have the best perspective on how the comic was doing or would do since I simply wanted to release it–not to mention the fact that looking back on something so recently released doesn’t allow you a wide enough time frame for proper analyzation.  So! I’m going to do that here.  Lined Paper Lamppost, it’s been two and half months since its release–how is it doing?

I’ve mentioned in a number of areas when talking about my webcomic that this project was, first and foremost, an opportunity for me to improve as an artist and that’s still true today. I never expected for the first page I published or five pages or hundred pages even to be anything incredible or deserving of praise, but the first few pages are worth that praise to me because I had to improve to make them–and I’ve kept improving since.  Before my webcomic, I wanted to be better at art but wasn’t actively doing much to get there.  My characters were static, my backgrounds flat, and nothing I was doing was getting me excited enough to draw, much less stick with it long enough to get better.  The webcomic is 26 pages in (as of this writing) with many more pages planned, and I’m still as excited, if not more so, now as I was when I first began.

That was the goal of this all along and in that regard, it has succeeded.  Now, in regards to its success in drawing in followers or causing people to engage with what is happening, there is less of that currently–but that’s okay.  I would love for my comic to evolve and become a work that people feel they can become invested in.  I want to be a creator that people feel they can interact with.  And as I invest more time, remain consistent and engage with my audience in a meaningful way, all of that will come–it just takes time.

Right now, I want to create something worthy of that audience.

My art has gotten better, but it isn’t quite there yet.  There will always be more betters to be and there will always be room for improvement, but right now, my focus has been to continue to create and create in a reliable way.  I’ve posted 26 pages which is a great start so far, but over its lifespan, Lined Paper Lamppost may find itself 200, 300, 1000 pages deep and in relation to that, I’ve only just begun.  One year from now, this comic will have changed and a year after that, it will be different still, but I find that to be a successful statement because it means I’ll be growing.  I’ve seen that growth between page 1 and page 20, I’ve seen how far I’ve come, and I’m excited to share so many more pages with the hope that people will read them.  And even if they don’t, even if it’s just me reading it, I’ll still be getting better.  That makes it okay, and that makes it exciting which is just fine with me.

Thank you though to everyone who reads it and thank you to you reading this.  It means a lot that you would take time out to take in a work that I’ve done.


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