History Will Condemn Us For Our Stupidity

On Tuesday, the Republican National Convention officially nominated Donald Trump as their candidate for President of the United States.

I have no words.

I could end this post here and have said as much as anything I could elaborate on below because at some point, somehow, our country, our neighbors, living, breathing, human people decided that Donald FREAKING Trump was a good idea for our President and that should be enough–but I’m going to say a few things, as futile as that may be, because apparently ideas and reason and intelligence don’t matter for much anymore.

I’ve heard and seen it more eloquently put than I’m about to say it here, but this is, perhaps, one of the greatest mistakes we as a country have ever made, this being, perhaps surprisingly, not Donald Trump himself, but what he has done to our perception of what it means to not only be a politician and a leader, but to be a human being.  Don’t misconstrued my words: Donald Trump has always been a mistake–bred and molded into the most cartoonishly accurate representation of what America represents, he is the worst choice of candidate possible for the presidency, save for maybe a baby; even then it’s very close.  The real mistake though in electing someone like Trump, or even playing along with his ego-driven insanity, is that at some point, he begins to think that his actions are, and his way of speaking is, okay, we begin thinking that it is okay, and what has always been regarded as the highest position in the world, the seat of the Presidency of the United States, becomes little more than a place for a bored hot air balloon to let loose his own racist, bigoted, hateful beliefs into the world.  And we are all forced to listen.

What this has done is allowed the skid marks of the American public a beacon on which to justify their hate.  It has placed upon the stage a man who “says it like it is” where “it” is misogynistic rhetoric masquerading as the truth, and rather than condemning the man, we laud him as the only honest voice in a sea full of liars who will, because of his honesty, lift our country up out of ruin–which is sad, which is a mistake, but is the current truth.  That is what we as Americans have declared that we want: a man who would tear down those who are different, be they of a different race, a different nationality, a different religious or sexual preference, not deservedly but for sport, but because he genuinely believes these things are true, as do those who are lifting him up.

And detach from yourself your view of any other candidate, still running or not–there is something genuinely wrong with us should Trump be elected.  And should he be elected, much more will go wrong in the future because of who he is.  Will he end the world through nuclear war? Probably not.  But here at home, we will face so much hate, so much disdain for anyone who is different, for black people, for Muslims, for homosexual people, simply because the President of the United States is leading the charge.

It’s not a politically correct issue.  It’s not a religious issue.  It’s not a values issue either.  This is an issue of human rights, the most basic of which being that we should all be treated as human.  And what is apparent, and has been apparent since the very beginning, is that if Trump is elected, those who are different, meaning those who aren’t straight and white and a man, will have their rights infringed upon, not necessarily by him, but by everyone and anyone who just wants to “say it like it is,” it in this scenario being inane, unintelligible drivel by individuals who maybe should never speak again.

At this point, I don’t know what to say.  The unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump is our Republican Candidate for President.  What have we done?


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