Puppyhood: Year One, Day One

I never believed we’d actually make it this far.  I never believed that one year ago when we got Flynn, when he was barking at us, nipping at us, driving us to the point of tearful hysterics, that we would have lasted one whole year–but we did.

As much as he’s driven me crazy, as many times as I’ve felt that we may have made a mistake picking him or having a dog altogether, I’m thankful for the turd.  He’s enriched my life in a way I never would have expected.  He’s made me feel like a father, made me break down and cry, worrying that I was letting him down, or harming his growing up, or just not being the best puppy dad I could be.  He’s made me care for something in a way I never thought I could and experience love in a purer way than I think is really possible.

He’s aggravating, infuriating, annoying, painful, demanding, loud, and an unhinged maniac, but he’s my unhinged maniac, he’s my sweet puppy, and I’m glad we’ve had a year together.  I can’t wait for so many more.

Oh and P.S.: I mentioned in the last post that we were getting a trainer to come out to train with him on some of the negative bits of behavior that had, in recent months, begun to surface.  Since that post, we have had the trainer come out and work with him and I am happy to say, that he responded to all the training very, very well.  He’s always been a well-trained dog in certain respects: we make him sit for near everything, we’re consistent with punishments–he’s not new to being taught new things, but the encouraging thing about the experience with the trainer was that we realized it would be possible for him to overcome these negative traits.  It’ll take patience and preparation on our parts, but it’s exciting for me and for Abbie to know we’re headed in the right direction.


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