This is What I Believe and That Won’t Change!

I’m currently in my last couple of days at my current job as a barista so I have been doing everything in my power to positively utilize the time I have left to do things I wouldn’t be able to do while working most other jobs: browsing the internet, trying to draw then browsing the internet, trying to read then browsing the internet, and helping out where I can with the wedding planning process.  Just kidding–browsing the internet. (more…)

I Want to Read About You

This is–and it’s strange to say it–my 100th post! It feels kind of odd to celebrate posting 100 things on a blog that’s largely about nothing, but 100 is a milestone, even if the 100 you’re celebrating has largely consisted of puppy posts and various lines of poetry–so I’m going to celebrate anyway! (more…)