How Big a House and How Many Would You Like to Buy?

And with that I am done! What am I done with you ask? Why, my courses of course.  My Real Estate courses, if you’d like me to be specific.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how pretty soon I would be entering into the world of Real Estate and how, though it was a large departure from what I was used to, it was a change that I needed and one I was excited to take.  Since then, I have attended a 60 hour course that teaches me everything I need to know, and by that I mean everything, as in I could sell you a one thousand year old mansion without ever batting an eye.  That in and of itself was perhaps the biggest step, because though I still have to become licensed and though I still have a lot of actual on the field, in the trenches-type experience to develop, learning about the business, learning about the laws, learning about the ins and outs of agency relationships and contracts and closings, was, to be honest, what I was the most concerned about.

I’m 24 and although some 24 year olds have by this point lived in 5 apartments, rented out a house with three friends, purchased a home, sold that home, purchased it back, tried to flip it and failed, I’ve never done any of that.  I’ve lived in the same home my entire life and my understanding of lease agreements and mortgages has been fairly limited up until this point, if not entirely nonexistent.  There’s a lot I had to learn and begin to understand before this path began to seem viable, but after having taken the course, after having not only passed, but damn near aced the final (just a little not so humble bragging on my part), I’m feeling better about how well I’ll be able to do in the world of Real Estate.

What’s left to take care of then? Well, with the recent name change, I still have certain things I have to do on that end (like get a new driver’s license to name just one thing). After that, I’ll be able to take my exam to become licensed and, well, then I’ll be free to save or wreck havoc upon the Real Estate world as I see fit to do so. It seems strange, but I’m not too far out from that point and I’m excited to see what comes with it: what challenges I’ll face, what things I’ll learn, the people I’ll meet–everything.

It’s an interesting world, this Real Estate thing, and though I didn’t know much going into it, I know a little more now, and it makes me ever the more interested, the more I learn; I think I’ll keep with it for a little while.


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