I’ve Been Married for Two Weeks–What Has it Been Like So Far?

On November 12th, my who was until recently girlfriend, fiancée, but is now wife and I got married, and on the 17th, we returned from our honeymoon. Over the past few days, we’ve been slowly adjusting to the married life: unpacking, grocery shopping, discovering who hogs covers the most (me apparently), and it’s been…a lot to get a handle of. (more…)

We’re in the Single Digits

As of today, I am officially 9 days from being married, which honestly, has been the first time so far that I’ve been nervous.  It isn’t so much that I’m nervous about the marriage, about Abbie, about being a husband, a provider, a father (one day) or anything of that sort, but rather, it’s more the day of, the being in the spotlight, the being in front of 150 odd people, all of whom are staring at us–that there’s what does it. (more…)