I’ve Been Married for Two Weeks–What Has it Been Like So Far?

On November 12th, my who was until recently girlfriend, fiancée, but is now wife and I got married, and on the 17th, we returned from our honeymoon. Over the past few days, we’ve been slowly adjusting to the married life: unpacking, grocery shopping, discovering who hogs covers the most (me apparently), and it’s been…a lot to get a handle of.  Abbie and I have been together for closing on 2 and a half years. We’ve spent most of that time together, but the time you spend together while dating feels differently than that same time when you’re married.  I’m not sure what it is.

Don’t misunderstand I am very happy to be married, but it’s an adjustment for me that I’ve been aware I’d be facing when these days finally came.  I’m an introvert, through and through.  I do well with people, but I’m not one for the spotlight. I enjoy the time that I spend with others, but it exhausts me if I do it too much. That’s a large reason why I never lived in a dorm room. That’s fair bit of why I never wanted roommates. But when you get married and all of a sudden you go from living on your own to living with and being with someone else nearly every moment of the day, no matter how much you love them, it’s bound to be an adjustment.

That has been my biggest challenge having been married: not Abbie, not our dog, not the adultness I’m having to transition into being, but the idea of being with someone all of the time and finding moments to take that are my own. Fortunately, it’s been a fairly smooth transition. It’s different for sure, but my wife is accommodating and the state of life we are in currently (neither of us working, but me about to start a job where I’ll be working from home) allows for more time for us to adjust as opposed to us being always busy.

We’ll have more challenges–of that I am confident–but I’m very happy with the way that married life feels. There’s an air of grown-up about us now, an odor of maturity interwoven with a hint of sophistication–that feeling aided by an incident recently wherein I threw out my back (more on that later). And though we both are entirely inexperienced and have a lot more to learn about growing up and each other, I’m excited to see who we’ll be in a few months when this life continues grow on us both.

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