My Resolutions (of 2016): How Did I Do?

There’s something nice about a new calendar. Because of the way we view the rollover between the end of one year and the beginning of another, we encourage ourselves to set goals, to dream of a better us making better choices regarding the things that actually matter. But often times, we don’t follow through. Sometimes that which we strive for is a tad bit too lofty, but mostly we just have a difficult time sticking with the goals we’ve set.

At the beginning of 2016, I set a modest assortment of resolutions for myself and while I imagine I’d like to do the same here soon, I’d first like to examine how I did with what I set out for and if I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

  • First off: I wanted to move out and hey! I did that. I’ve been married now for a little over a month and, while that wasn’t the way I had always envisioned my first move out on my own, it’s something I’ve come to truly appreciate: having a wife and roommate that I love and am thankful for. I always imagined that I’d move out on my own before I got married, but the longer I’m not living at home, the more grateful I am I have someone else to keep me from having to do the domestic things alone.
  • Second up: I wanted to move into a full-time job and hey (again)! I only sort of did that. This year was really strange for me in regards to what steps I would be taking toward a career. I’ll write something up at some point that goes into more detail (if I haven’t already) but a lot of the opportunities I had this year to advance myself–a couple of those, for instance, being my wanting to open a business of my own–fizzled out before they even began. The majority of the year I stared at the approaching date of my wedding afraid as to what I was going to do for money and work when the coffee shop wouldn’t cut it.  The good news is though, I took a step in the right direction when I left and pursued Real Estate. I am very newly licensed (it’s only been a few weeks since I passed my test) but I am more comfortable of the state of my and my wife’s financial situation as we move into the start of the new year.  (P.S. I said “sort of full-time” only because Real Estate is a more work on your own situation. It isn’t full-time per se, but it’s a step toward it, and one I would probably prefer.)
  • Number three: I wanted to finish and maintain my webcomic and, what do you know? I did that too! The “finish” part of that statement may be misleading seeing as how my webcomic is ongoing, but my goal for the year was to complete what I needed to publish the thing and I did that back in April! The comic is still going strong these seven or eight months later and I have no intention of stopping the thing anytime soon. Next!
  • Four: I wanted to better define the friendships that I am a part of. This one is a little more difficult to determine. My goal when I set it for myself was to become a better friend to the friends I value–the ones I pursue that pursue me too–and shed the ones that I am not as in touch with–the ones that don’t try to keep up with me. I’m at the age where the friendships I lose are no longer going up in flames but rather fizzling out into obsolescence and when I, or you, reader, I imagine, begin the process of losing a friend now, it’s much slower, more subtle, often times the friendship leaving you both before you even know it happened. When I wrote that resolution I had a couple of friendships in mind, friendships I’d lost but still held onto even though neither one of us spoke anymore.  I wanted to think about those people less and more about the friends I had; I think I’ve done better at that.
  • And the last one: I wanted to read 30 books over the course of the year and I failed at this miserably.  You’d think as a former English major I’d be better at reading books, but it takes me so long to finish them sometimes that I fall pretty far behind in my efforts. At most I read maybe 10 books through and a quarter or so of another 5 titles. Next year, be prepared, I’ll probably set a similar goal; let’s hope this time I can actually do it.
  • Oh and haha–again, I got married! It may not have been one of the resolutions I wrote down here but it definitely is my biggest accomplishment of the year. Whoohah!

And there we go! 2016. A lot of things happened and I accomplished a great deal. After a couple of slow years following my having graduated college, I’m glad to have taken some steps toward something and I hope to say the same this time next year. New resolutions for 2017 will be up before long–let’s see what I can muster.


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