Resolutions for the New Year: 2017

When I began 2016, I made a list of resolutions for the year and at the beginning of that list, I painted a picture. In the word picture I painted I made note to the fact that age 23 (2015) had been tough for me to be proud of. Nothing horrible had occurred but I didn’t feel pride at what I had accomplished. I was more or less in the same place I’d started and, in my mind, had failed in a number of the pursuits I’d undertaken–career-wise, creatively, etc. and what have you. And though I was being hard on myself, though I wasn’t being entirely fair, I felt like 2016 was an opportunity for me to make some constructive changes, ones that would set me to grow up, get married, and take steps into my adult life. I did a decent job at the modest goals I set and I imagine that this year I’ll do even better.

2017, as my mother-in-law likes to say, “is going to bust wide open”–and I’m inclined to believe her.


  • I want to start with what may perhaps be the easiest and most difficult resolution to achieve and that resolution is this: be a better husband. I’ve been married, at the time of this list, close to around 2 months, and while married life has been an incredible experience so far, it is a marathon–not a sprint. My number one goal for 2017 is to make a concerted effort to be better. That’s simple and hard at the same time because it doesn’t take much to achieve that. Small acts of kindness–washing dishes, sweeping up, going out of your way for the little things that matter–all count toward making marriage better, but it can be difficult to consistently put your wife first. One day is easy, but a lifetime is hard, and I want to set myself up during my first year of marriage to be the best husband I am capable of being. That doesn’t mean I expect to be perfect, but there’s a lot I can do to be better.
  • I want to start writing some sort of narrative work. Ever since having graduated, I haven’t written much of anything. I put out a fair bit of fiction while in college, during my senior year I started writing a novel, but in trying to figure out what to do job wise, starting my webcomic, and just pure laziness, I haven’t really even tried in the past few years to write much else than this blog. This year I’m anticipating getting busy. I’ll be diving deep into Real Estate, I’ll be still working on my comic, but I would like to at least make some effort in beginning the process of writing something new. Maybe it’s a novel, maybe it’s a short story or two. Either way, I think that’s a modest goal to set for someone that is probably somewhat rusty.
  • I would like to help facilitate the purchase or sale of at least one piece of Real Estate this year. As a new agent, working with individuals that are expecting me to provide them with a certain level of expertise is intimidating, but it’s something I can come to do (given some practice and time to learn). This will probably be the goal that is completed the quickest however because of the fact that this is my job now. To make money, I will literally have to do this multiple times over. The reason it is on my list though is because at the outset of this year, I am only just beginning and this is a massive hurdle to overcome. I will feel proud of myself if at this time next year I can say that I shattered my goal.
  • I would like to continue to maintain my webcomic. As of about right now, I have been working on the content for my webcomic for a little over 2 years. It’s been my project of note and a lot of good for me to continue growing as an artist. This year, my comic will hit its one year anniversary (after having been published) and will probably, by the end, have a number of pages reaching into the 100s. My goal is to keep it going, to keep improving, and be a mile and a half better than I am right now by this time next year.
  • And another book goal. Last year I set the goal for myself to read 30 books in 2016. I failed that miserably. So, my goal this year is a modest one in comparison, but one that even I, an English graduate imposter, can manage: 10 books. 10 books this year, that is it. Let’s hope to God that I can at least read 10 books.

And there you have it. 2017 is starting off well and I’m excited for what it will bring. Let’s hope that I can at least manage half of what I set out to accomplish.


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