May Update!

Hey guys!

I wanted to pop over and provide to you an update on what has been going on in my life and why, largely, I’ve been rather absent for the past month. 

Life has been rather crazy recently, not necessarily for or involving me so much as it has been crazy for the people closest to me. My wife took a new job a couple of months ago and she is in a crunch period currently, May is the month of graduations and in the past week and a half we have been to 3.  And in general, the schedule I’d gotten used to for the first few months of marriage has largely been upended in favor of something that means getting up earlier, going to bed earlier and by and large being confused as to where the day went.

But that certainly doesn’t mean things haven’t been good, they’ve just been a bit…odd. A change in the schedule is always strange, but it’s been difficult to adjust to. I’ve spoken about it here to varying degrees, but Real Estate has largely been a bust, and as I’ve been working toward some sort of competency in programming, I’ve found myself wondering day to day what I can do to balance what it is I need to do to one day to be employable and feeling satisfied with the other skillsets I’ve kept up with for so long.  It’s tough. Most days I feel as though I’ve done next to nothing while my wife has been killing it in her job, and the hope is that by the fall, by the end of 2017, at the latest, I’m doing something new.

That being said, I’m still drawing regularly. While it has never been the goal to do it professionally, it’s a skill I like to now and would like to continue to keep up with, a passion I dig on wholeheartedly, and one I continue to strive in whatever ways I can to use it most effectively. Lined Paper Lamppost is going strong and if you have an Instagram, I now have a dedicated art account—@monroedraws—that I would love for you to follow if you are at all interested in keeping up with what I do.

All that behind us, I would like to write more. I’ve let my writing and the writing I’ve done for this blog fall aside over the past couple of months as I’ve tried to understand how best to fit it into…everything. And while I don’t know what I’d like to write next, I do know that I will try to make sure that there is more here for you, reader, that stops in occasionally to peruse the posts I’ve written, and that what is here is a bit more varied, a bit more thoughtful so that you aren’t just enjoying what you are reading, but so I am enjoying what I am writing.

Here’s to the spring, here’s to the ever-approaching summer, and the unending heat that will sweep upon us in the coming moments.

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