Puppyhood: Year Two, Day Thirty

It’s been a long time since I featured a post on the Puppyhood tag. A long time. Like…over a year, apparently. But I wanted to take a moment for anyone who really enjoyed keeping up with that content or is in general just sort of curious as to how my fur son has been doing. (more…)


Do Not Disagree Over This

It may come as no surprise that I am rather long-winded. If you’ve ever read a sentence I’ve written or listened to me speak, then you know that I choose my words carefully, but tend toward using 100 words when what I’m saying requires four. It isn’t something I necessarily love about myself. I wish I could be more concise. I wish I could communicate in a simpler way, but sometimes I enjoy the padding my words create, the spices, the seasonings being sprinkled along what it is I mean, because I believe when you are trying to tell a story, or communicate an idea, concise isn’t always better or more effective.

But sometimes it is. (more…)

Here is the House, it is Green and White

I read a brief article earlier today (and you can too) by a pastor in North Carolina. It was entitled, “I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones,” and in the article, the pastor (his name is Kevin, let’s call him Kevin) lazily wonders how a Christian could watch a show with so much hedonistic content, despite having never watched the show himself. Despite having never examined the content by which he is criticizing to have a rounded and fuller viewpoint, good or bad, pro or con. And this approach to things is indicative of what is becoming (and let’s be honest, has been for a long time) a very negative trait in modern Christianity, wherein sinful content, most often sexual, is earmarked as unhelpful and uninformative and to be dismissed altogether.

I used my words carefully there: Unhelpful. Uninformative. Lazily. (more…)

I’m Doing a New Little Thing

With the void before me left behind by the ending of my webcomic, I needed something creative to invest a bit of time. Programming has been coming along well, but there’s something oddly mechanical about learning to code. Algorithms, systems, scripts—even the front end side—allows for so much creativity, but the learning of it can be a bit of a monotonous task at times.

So, I decided to revisit the well. (more…)