Sometimes I Miss Where I Used to Work

There was a month or two period there before quitting my job as a barista where I genuinely didn’t like what I did. I was frustrated with the people I interacted with daily, the management was in a strange and unsettled place, and Abbie and I both were looking, actively, had been looking, actively, for something to help us pay the bills come our marriage; neither of us had been successful in that yet. When I put in my notice and was prepared to leave for good, it was a freeing feeling. Knowing that I would be moving on to something better, knowing that the dead end I’d felt as though I was running into would soon be behind me and something better for me, better for Abbie, better for our marriage would be waiting ahead, made me feel as though I was finally getting my head around this whole “adult” thing.

But it didn’t last. (more…)


People Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

During my senior year in college, I made it a goal of mine to write a publishable book by the time I was a few years graduated–but that didn’t happen, not because I didn’t want to write that book, or because the book I was writing was bad (which it was), but rather, I wanted to put it off.  I didn’t want to become a hermit.  I didn’t want to be separated from people right away and resign myself to a life of that–of writing and writing and not interacting with people (I realized later I probably had a distorted view of what young, starving, professional authorship looked like).  I wanted to work with people–book writing would come later. (more…)

The Elusiveness of Productivity

Working in a coffee shop can be a slow life–at least where I work.  For every rushed moment of teenagers wanting milkshakes upon milkshakes, there are moments more where there is little to nothing happening at all, where the slow trickle of daytime patrons and study drunk students is the entire afternoon and the moments in between are left up to the person working to figure out what to do with.

Most of the time I write, I read, I draw, I do something so as to be, in some way, productive.  But every 20 shifts or so there comes a day where nothing quite clicks. The shift is slow and if it were set upon your heart to read a book, to write a book, to solve cancer, you could, but nothing begins quite right–nothing gets going, and five hours pass and there’s nothing to show for it except for some lonely face drawn poorly in a sketch book beside a balloon and flying hippopotamus.

That’s today.  It’d be nice if I were able to say that this post kickstarted the rest of my afternoon, that my writing this greased the wheels for something great to get going–but I’d be lying.  Productivity is elusive. It’s often times when you are most tired, most inconvenienced and least interested in actually doing something that the inspiration strikes, but it’s in times like this, where it’s been an hour since anyone’s come in and there’re $7 sitting in my tip jar, that I wish productivity would hurry up already and just get going.

Bloom: Janice in Accounting

“That’s life.”

“Life’s not fair.”

Those are probably two of the most overused phrases from adults who have only tried very little to understand what anyone else who is having any sort of issue may be struggling with (i.e. someone not getting a job when someone else at some point has had that same trouble, or…you know, something like that).  It’s lazy in a sort of way, to dismiss the troubles of someone else without taking the time to understand those troubles, to believe that because you can somewhat relate, you understand a person and what they’re going through; it’s a wrong way of thinking. (more…)

Bloom: The One About Theft and Desperation

When I was younger I believed, rightly so, that the circumstances of my life were little or no different than the circumstances of the lives of the people around me. And I say “rightly so” because when you’re a kid growing up, that’s exactly how it should be.  You can’t drive, you can’t go out on your own, and the choices you make, however limited in scope, are for the most part arbitrary in nature, so the best thing going, and one of the only things at that, is your ability to be innocent. (more…)