I’m Doing a New Little Thing

With the void before me left behind by the ending of my webcomic, I needed something creative to invest a bit of time. Programming has been coming along well, but there’s something oddly mechanical about learning to code. Algorithms, systems, scripts—even the front end side—allows for so much creativity, but the learning of it can be a bit of a monotonous task at times.

So, I decided to revisit the well. (more…)


You Approach a Path That Goes Left and Goes Right

As of a couple of days ago, it has been one week since I started actively learning code. It’s been going well—it’s been going slowly—but I’ve been thinking a few steps ahead. I’m not skipping any steps mind you, but learning this stuff has given me reason to dream of what I could do given some time to figure out how—example now: further down the knowledge path I’m on, I would like to make some sort of piece of interactive fiction.

I wrote earlier this year that one of my resolutions was to begin working toward establishing myself as an employable writer. I was an English major, I would like to be an author one day—it’s about time I take strides toward utilizing those skills for something. But it’s difficult sometimes to find interesting projects to pour those skills into. Writing a blog, writing short stories or longer pieces of fiction are my bread and butter, but sometimes I have the need to think differently about the way that I write and the way with which I use my words.

Coding is a new prospect. It’s a new step toward allowing me to use the artistic skills I already have to create something new and different. And while “interactive fiction” and “choose your own adventure” stories may be dreaming too big (or too small) with where I am currently, it’s something that’s been rattling around in my brain the past couple of days as I’ve been thinking of what’s to come.

I don’t really know what the point in me writing this out for you was exactly, but hey—you know now.

It’s About to Get Bad Out There

About once a winter we get a decent amount of winter weather—and by decent I mean an inch, half an inch, a quarter of an inch, a dusting, sometimes snow, but often times, ice. Just ice. Straight liquid precipitation turned frozen reaper of power lines and tree limbs. Usually that winter weather comes in early to mid February, but every once in a while, we get it earlier: mid to late December or early January; that is what’s happening.

This weekend we are set to get hit by Winter Storm Helena, a storm that has blanketed and will continue to blanket various parts of the nation in winter, but will more than likely drop on us little more than a baby powder dusting.

It’s something though!

We aren’t ones to receive winter weather in the south.  And when we do, we shut down out of just pure excitement: our stores, our schools, our businesses, our minds and rational thought processes—and what’s left behind, though barely iced over, looks more akin to a fun-wrought, nuclear winter wasteland than I imagine a city with 10 times the snow.

It’s a sight to behold, that’s for sure. Time will tell though how this weekend will turn out. Will the south endure? Or will I fail to live to see my 25th birthday, lost beneath a layer of snow, half an inch thick?  We’ll see.

Jolly Independence (and a Happy Anniversary)!

Happy (almost) July 4th everyone! I hope you have had, and continue to have, a great holiday weekend.

July 4th is special to me, not just because of…you know, national freedom, but because of a big single moment that happened around now a couple of years ago: I began dating my soon to be wife.  I won’t go into that too deeply and I won’t get all sappy, but I do want to say that I’m excited–about this weekend and the next couple of days, about our marriage in a couple of months, and about the fact that two years ago I had no idea where I would be today.  July 4th is about celebration for our freedom, our camaraderie, but for me, the fourth of July will also always be the day before I began dating my wife.

It’s special. And so is our recognition of colonial independence so it’s fitting they fall around the same time.

Today is Lined Paper Lamppost’s Launch Day!

It has finally happened! After over a year of working on this webcomic project, the day has come for it to be released into the world! The link you can go to find it is both right here (at lplthecomic.com) and behind the “Lined Paper Lamppost” link, which you will find in the top menu.

Check it out. Like it, comment on it, reblog it, share it, print it out and mail it by carrier pigeon to your aunt on that island in the south Pacific.  It’s going to be a long journey so follow along with me.

Thank you!

There’s Been A Slight Setback

As was announced last week, Lined Paper Lamppost was supposed to be launching today, in all of its cartoony, artistic glory.  But that didn’t happen.

There were a couple things I didn’t account for when I set that release date a couple of weeks back and, so the comic is at its best when it launches, I’ve had to move the release date back.  The fortunate thing about this news is that the push back is really only a nudge–it’s only been moved back a week, so now, the official (and permanent) release date for my webcomic is April 14!

Thank you for your patience, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m super excited to get this out there.

Lined Paper Lamppost Has An Official Release Date!

After 15 months, Lined Paper Lamppost, my baby and, until soon, unreleased webcomic, has an official release date:

April 7!

That is two weeks from today, which is crazy to me that it is and could be finally getting released.  That being said, there is a website dedicated to the webcomic, but it is, at this moment, not quite finished.  It will however be done come time for the release and I will link it right here.

Get excited. Tell your friends. In the words of Donald Trump:

It’s gonna be ‘uge.