Lined Paper Lamppost: The Wrap-Up

If you missed it, I put up a bit of an announcement post the other day that Lined Paper Lamppost, the webcomic I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, will be ending today, but since that decision was a kind of sudden development and the plans to do so weren’t for a long time anticipated, I have a few pages I would like to still share, in varying stages of completion, as well as some of the ideas I had for the webcomic had it stuck around as long as I’d originally intended.


Onto What’s Next

I think it was around the time I completed the first semester of my last year in college that I really began to struggle with what it was I was supposed to do next. My degree in English was and would be wonderful, but the opportunities readily available to me weren’t quite what I had envisioned when I first began. I knew that long before I graduated, but in the months following, when jobs eluded me and the best I could manage was working in a coffee shop, I wrestled with what moment would be “mine”: my first moment of brilliance, my first moment of success, the first moment I might feel as though what I’d worked toward for all of the years prior would come to head and produce before me some sort of…something.


Life: The One About Things and Fall


I’m never really too sure of when the change from summer to fall happens; I think we’re in fall now.  Actually we are…I guess technically.  See, where I live, summer is one of those things whose presence is felt all year long.  It gets cold here, for sure, but one of the biggest things that makes summer so unbearable is the humidity, is the fact that it can be 70 degrees outside, but feels like you’re shut up in some malleable box that is following you around, holding in the juices, the air, the everything around you, to raise the temperature up about 20.  Fall is near nonexistent as is apparent by the last couple of days: it’s been in the high 60s, but a six day rainstorm has made it feel like a punishment if you are even wearing clothes outside.  It’s rough.

Winter is just knowing that summer is coming and spring is just pre-summer–and then we’re back at it again. (more…)