Onto What’s Next

I think it was around the time I completed the first semester of my last year in college that I really began to struggle with what it was I was supposed to do next. My degree in English was and would be wonderful, but the opportunities readily available to me weren’t quite what I had envisioned when I first began. I knew that long before I graduated, but in the months following, when jobs eluded me and the best I could manage was working in a coffee shop, I wrestled with what moment would be “mine”: my first moment of brilliance, my first moment of success, the first moment I might feel as though what I’d worked toward for all of the years prior would come to head and produce before me some sort of…something. (more…)


Adult Life is a Void of Unyielding Confusion…and That’s Okay.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time then you’ve probably come across a rambling or two I’ve had wherein I’ve said something along these lines: “adulting is hard” or “life after college is hard” or “rocks are hard” (the last one, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean it is any less true).  And the reason it’s popped up so many times is because…well, it’s accurate.  Every kid imagines the day they leave college to be similar to that mythical moment when a beached sea-oyster opens its maw to reveal a globe-sized pearl ripe for plucking, as if classes and teachers and homework and tests are the real obstacles in the way of life, and the moments and days past them are gold and smooth sailing, paved nicely with hopes and smiles.

Kind of wrong. (more…)

Side Note: Why The Harbored and Homesick

So my girlfriend recently has been underway building up a photography blog (which is wonderful and you should check it out: here), and amidst all of the photoshoots and planning and editing and what not, she took the time to explain where the name for her blog came from, which in turn inspired me to do the same. (more…)