I’m Writing a Book!

It’s sort of funny:

When I was in college, I had this group of friends that was, for the most part, comprised entirely of English majors. And every one of them, as you might imagine, wanted to write a novel; it was just in their nature. Our nature. Before we graduated, the majority of us had begun what we all believed to be our first “great work,” the novel that would bring us into authorship, free us from the shackles of the nine-to-five and usher us into the pantheon of some of writing’s greats.

None of those works panned out (to my knowledge). Writing’s hard, telling stories is hard, much less telling stories others would like to read, and much much less telling ones they would want to pay money for. Speaking for myself, I wrote what I thought would be my ticket, the book(s) I’d be working on for years to come.

But it wasn’t. (more…)


A List of Things to Get You into the Halloween Spirit

I absolutely love the Halloween season. It’s been years since I’ve dressed up, I don’t go to parties, by and large I sit at home Halloween night as if it were any other evening in the week, but I can’t help it—I love this time of year. And I don’t necessarily know why.

I don’t love horror, I’m not the most social of people and Halloween often passes me by with little more than a whisper—but it isn’t so much the night of Halloween that I love; it’s the month that leads up to it that gets me excited. The playfully creepy nature of every decoration, every food, every movie, and every book underlines a deep bit of nostalgia I forget about for portions of the year, but as the weather begins to cool and the nights become longer, the feeling comes rushing back, ringing in the gauntlet of holidays I long for the other months of the year.

So to highlight this season I love so much, I want to share some of the things that get me in the Halloween spirit. This will be movies, this will be books, this will be games—one big Halloween mega-post suitable for the scary nights to come. Let’s get started! (more…)

Not Writing and Why Being a Child is Okay

I mentioned once, WAAAAY back when I first began writing this blog, that I’d at one point started and subsequently tapered off from writing a separate blog previous to this one. It was meant to be a space where I could share my thoughts on writing, on reading, my influences, the process, and all that was involved in all of those things; I was still in college at the time and my days were spent writing. I couldn’t escape it—but sometimes I miss those days. Adult life can be a bummer sometimes and while English was certainly no cakewalk, it was something I really, truly enjoyed.

Recently I had the itch to revisit that blog and while many of the few posts that are up are related fairly exclusively to the novel I was writing at that time, there were a couple of posts that I felt were worth sharing here. I haven’t written A LOT about the writing process or the practices that can help you write better or writing in general really, but I’ve mentioned before that I’d like to share more on that subject and this feels like a good addition. (more…)

Brothers: Novel Excerpt

So this section of the chapter was meant to set the stage for what was to come.  It was, and later scenes were, to show a number of things: that Benjamin and Matthew, while once close, aren’t as close as they once were, that they disagree on their views of their father, and that science and technology, at this time, are further along than where we are realistically currently.  There’s a fair bit of dialogue in this and some of it can get a little dense, but I remember it being one of the scenes I most enjoyed writing.

Enjoy it. (more…)

A Proper Southern Boy: Novel Excerpt

Following the prologue post from last week, I wanted to share a bit from what would have been the chapter 1 to the novel I was writing.  Looking back now, it still remains the favorite of the chapters I wrote.  Everything else I enjoy looking back on, but there was something specific about this chapter that I like coming back to.  That doesn’t mean it is the best chapter in the world and that certainly doesn’t mean, in the way it’s laid out it is entirely publishable, but sentence by sentence, I still like it–so here is a bit from that chapter; I’m sure there’ll be more to come. (more…)

General: The Value of What You Value

One Monday, during the spring semester of my junior year in college, I got an email from my advisor.  She was informing me, and another two dozen or so students, that later on that week we would be meeting to discuss our senior theses and the steps we should and would be taking over the next couple of months to proactively move forward.

Even now, looking back, that moment gives me a deep, scorching, gassy feeling in darkest pits of my body– (more…)