Lined Paper Lamppost: Year Two

Last week I spoke about where Lined Paper Lamppost has been—this time I would like to talk about where it’s going. (more…)


Lined Paper Lamppost: Year in Review

It was at some point during middle school that I got really into the idea of webcomics. It wasn’t the fact that the ones I frequented were all that incredible but rather the idea that someone, anyone, me for instance, could, with any level of artistic ability, create a comic and publish it online that pulled me in completely. (more…)

Lined Paper Lamppost: How’s it Doing?

When I first launched my webcomic Lined Paper LamppostI was filled with a lot of things: anxiety, excitement, gas (probably) and in the days that followed, I wasn’t able to have the best perspective on how the comic was doing or would do since I simply wanted to release it–not to mention the fact that looking back on something so recently released doesn’t allow you a wide enough time frame for proper analyzation.  So! I’m going to do that here.  Lined Paper Lamppost, it’s been two and half months since its release–how is it doing? (more…)

Lined Paper Lamppost Has An Official Release Date!

After 15 months, Lined Paper Lamppost, my baby and, until soon, unreleased webcomic, has an official release date:

April 7!

That is two weeks from today, which is crazy to me that it is and could be finally getting released.  That being said, there is a website dedicated to the webcomic, but it is, at this moment, not quite finished.  It will however be done come time for the release and I will link it right here.

Get excited. Tell your friends. In the words of Donald Trump:

It’s gonna be ‘uge.

General: Lined Paper Lamppost–How Did We Get Here?

So a couple of weeks ago, I threw up a post about the comic I’ve been working on for the past….oh, fourteen months and how it is finally, after long last, coming into being, very very soon.  In that post I said that I would talk a little about Lined Paper Lamppost (hither to be shortened to and referred to as “LPL”) over the coming weeks, leading up to its launch, and this post, in case you couldn’t tell, is the start of said talking about. (more…)

A Comic is Coming and That Comic is Mine

If you’ve been in, at least, some way observant toward my blog since it began last August, you will have noticed a lonely page along the top row of links titled, “Lined Paper Lamppost.”  And if you were even further observant, enough so to click on the link, read the brief and the little image that sits there, then you would know that “Lined Paper Lamppost” is actually a webcomic that I’ve been working on publishing for a while now.  And the exciting news here in regards to that comic is that, if everything goes according to plan, it will be released later this month after over a year of work. (more…)

Life: Mid-December Update

I’m falling a little behind with this.

It’s always when I get super busy (or at least when in my mind I’m super busy) that I struggle to keep up with posting things.  It isn’t that I don’t have things to say, but I feel like when I get out of the groove of actually saying those things and neglect thinking and sharing aloud, it only becomes harder to get back into it the longer I go without posting.

So, I want to kickstart some mid-December action, some 4 days from Christmas-ness, with just an update of sorts. (more…)