The Surprising, Yet Inevitable

Before I even begin this post I want to slap a big ol’ SPOILER tag right at the top. I am assuming if you are reading this that you either have seen the latest craze that is the Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, or you absolutely just don’t care about what even happens and are reading this here for…a reason I can’t place. You were forewarned. (more…)


Voice, Coffee, a Friend, and Photography

Not too long ago, I reposted a short piece from an old blog of mine that I started back in college. The post was on writing, as were many of the other posts (11) that I put up on that blog, and while the one that I slapped up the other day was one of the few I felt was worth resharing (since it wasn’t exclusively related to the novel I was writing), this piece is probably the only other one.

I met with a friend that summer who’d been for so much of my life a mentor-like figure to me. We’d not seen each other for years at that point and as we were talking, it got me thinking about something I’d like to write about: creative voice. Here is that short little piece from over 3 1/2 (!!) years ago. (more…)

Magic and Science: Novel Excerpt

I really liked the idea of magic being a tangible source of energy as opposed to an idea or a feeling or something that was just deep down inside you.  It’s not an idea I preferred necessarily, but it was one that I really wanted to dig down into: What would we create alongside something like that? How would it affect the world? What would be repercussions?  Obviously I never made it to the point where I was able to explore that idea to its fullest, but I still kind of like the idea.

Oh, and this is the end of what would have been Chapter 1. (more…)

Brothers: Novel Excerpt

So this section of the chapter was meant to set the stage for what was to come.  It was, and later scenes were, to show a number of things: that Benjamin and Matthew, while once close, aren’t as close as they once were, that they disagree on their views of their father, and that science and technology, at this time, are further along than where we are realistically currently.  There’s a fair bit of dialogue in this and some of it can get a little dense, but I remember it being one of the scenes I most enjoyed writing.

Enjoy it. (more…)

The Father and the Fireflies: Novel Excerpt

If you’ve been keeping up with the excerpts I’ve been posting over the past couple of weeks, here is another one: a continuation of the excerpt from last week that is a fair bit longer than what has been posted already.  This chapter being one I really like, I’m posting it in linear segments so that the people who are genuinely invested in what is happening will be able to figure out what is going on.  For the later chapters, any excerpts from those will probably be out of order and more standalone scenes than anything else.  Fair warning.

Enjoy! (more…)

A Proper Southern Boy: Novel Excerpt

Following the prologue post from last week, I wanted to share a bit from what would have been the chapter 1 to the novel I was writing.  Looking back now, it still remains the favorite of the chapters I wrote.  Everything else I enjoy looking back on, but there was something specific about this chapter that I like coming back to.  That doesn’t mean it is the best chapter in the world and that certainly doesn’t mean, in the way it’s laid out it is entirely publishable, but sentence by sentence, I still like it–so here is a bit from that chapter; I’m sure there’ll be more to come. (more…)

I Was Writing a Novel Back When I Was in College

About three years ago, it was the summer before my senior year in college and I wanted to write a novel.  It was an ambitious project, one that, as I’m sure I’ve spoken about many times, fell to the side as I began working on senior things, like my thesis and other work, all of which, at the time, was dominating my schedule.  Since then, the novel I was working on has collected dust and, as of right now, I have no real interest in carrying it forward.  It was, in my mind, a great potential story and one I will always love when I look back on it, but with all of the stories I want to tell and with how I’ve grown in being able to tell them, it’s difficult to want to look backward at something I’ve done as opposed to creating something new.

To keep that bit of an unfinished novel alive though, I want to, periodically, post excerpts from what I wrote, which totaled in all close to three full chapters and a prologue.  Sometimes this will be in the form of entire scenes, small exchanges, or, in the case of what I am posting here, an entire prologue.  Again, as much as I thoroughly enjoy looking back at this, keep in mind everything I am posting was never edited–it was all first draft content–so, be easy.  Enjoy! (more…)