Lined Paper Lamppost: Year Two

Last week I spoke about where Lined Paper Lamppost has been—this time I would like to talk about where it’s going. (more…)


Voice, Coffee, a Friend, and Photography

Not too long ago, I reposted a short piece from an old blog of mine that I started back in college. The post was on writing, as were many of the other posts (11) that I put up on that blog, and while the one that I slapped up the other day was one of the few I felt was worth resharing (since it wasn’t exclusively related to the novel I was writing), this piece is probably the only other one.

I met with a friend that summer who’d been for so much of my life a mentor-like figure to me. We’d not seen each other for years at that point and as we were talking, it got me thinking about something I’d like to write about: creative voice. Here is that short little piece from over 3 1/2 (!!) years ago. (more…)

You Approach a Path That Goes Left and Goes Right

As of a couple of days ago, it has been one week since I started actively learning code. It’s been going well—it’s been going slowly—but I’ve been thinking a few steps ahead. I’m not skipping any steps mind you, but learning this stuff has given me reason to dream of what I could do given some time to figure out how—example now: further down the knowledge path I’m on, I would like to make some sort of piece of interactive fiction.

I wrote earlier this year that one of my resolutions was to begin working toward establishing myself as an employable writer. I was an English major, I would like to be an author one day—it’s about time I take strides toward utilizing those skills for something. But it’s difficult sometimes to find interesting projects to pour those skills into. Writing a blog, writing short stories or longer pieces of fiction are my bread and butter, but sometimes I have the need to think differently about the way that I write and the way with which I use my words.

Coding is a new prospect. It’s a new step toward allowing me to use the artistic skills I already have to create something new and different. And while “interactive fiction” and “choose your own adventure” stories may be dreaming too big (or too small) with where I am currently, it’s something that’s been rattling around in my brain the past couple of days as I’ve been thinking of what’s to come.

I don’t really know what the point in me writing this out for you was exactly, but hey—you know now.

Poetry—Coming Your Way


I graduated from my university with a degree in Creative Writing which essentially qualifies me for one thing: to tell people that I can read and I can write okay and they should pay me money to do it.

I joke (sort of), but the reality is that creative majors are harder.  Because where a science major or an engineering major is able to provide a fair bit of proof through their diploma alone that they are qualified to do what they are wanting to do and that they can earn the money you throw at them, writers and artists and musicians and the like are usually dependent on skill.  That doesn’t mean a nursing major doesn’t need to be skillful, or a kinesiology major either, but a diploma that reads, “Bachelor of Arts in Music” conveys little, if anything, when shown. (more…)

The First One

A couple of years ago while I was in college, somewhere between my junior and senior terms, I began writing a book.

I wasn’t entirely sure why at the time, why that summer, those moments were what I chose to use to preserve forever my own words and side thoughts, and still, to be honest, I’m not sure now of why I chose then.  Hindsight says I was a year from graduating, in a relationship that was decaying in front of my eyes, and I needed something, anything to hold onto that would transcend what was then the “right now.”  But I’ve been around this creative stuff long enough to realize that that’s only really the surface, that below me, below you, below every single person, is the want and need to be and create something larger than us for…some reason.  Some say it’s for the control.  Others, for the fulfillment of our desire for deathlessness–and ask ten people and there’re sure to be another ten selfish reasons we do it.  But as a generalization of the whole, I contest that idea, not because it isn’t sometimes true, but because I know how I feel and why I do it, and I feel differently. (more…)