Who Are You, What’s So Wrong, and What Am I Owed?

I’ve been thinking a lot about privilege this week.

As a white, heterosexual man, the irony isn’t lost on me that I occasionally write and post content that aims to draw attention to the incredibly wide divide that exists between people like me and, well, everyone else, siding in most, if not all instances, with the unrepresented minority. But, and I could be wrong, I feel like it is a responsibility of mine to not only feel these things as a human person, but express them when I feel them, because as a white, heterosexual man, it is something for me and everyone like me to recognize that things shouldn’t be the way that they are. I shouldn’t have more privilege just because I’m white. Or straight. Or a man, or because I have or am anything else than anyone else from simply being born.


Resolutions for the New Year: 2019

Being an adult has made me less of a planner.

If you know anything about me, then my saying that may surprise you. I procrastinated while in school, I’m late to almost everything, and, even creatively, I’ve always tended toward tossing seeds out and seeing what grows rather than building in a linear course.

I’ve never done a great job at planning.


Lined Paper Lamppost: The Wrap-Up

If you missed it, I put up a bit of an announcement post the other day that Lined Paper Lamppost, the webcomic I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, will be ending today, but since that decision was a kind of sudden development and the plans to do so weren’t for a long time anticipated, I have a few pages I would like to still share, in varying stages of completion, as well as some of the ideas I had for the webcomic had it stuck around as long as I’d originally intended.


Lined Paper Lamppost: Year in Review

It was at some point during middle school that I got really into the idea of webcomics. It wasn’t the fact that the ones I frequented were all that incredible but rather the idea that someone, anyone, me for instance, could, with any level of artistic ability, create a comic and publish it online that pulled me in completely. (more…)

The Path Begins With HTML

When I met with a friend of mine to help me lay out what it was I needed to do to teach myself to code, he emphasized, with great importance, the idea of documenting my progress. That’s difficult. Without much to show using the limited amount of knowledge I have, it’s easy to make the excuse that I should wait until I have items of substance to show before actually putting anything out there. Progress isn’t pretty, but if my work on Lined Paper Lamppost has taught me anything, there is something satisfying about looking back at where you were alongside where you are now. Despite the difficulty in finding a way to best show how I’m progressing, I think it’s worth doing.

Let’s start with what I’ve been working through over the past few days. (more…)

I’m Teaching Myself to Code

I like to believe myself to be a student. When I was younger, I was convinced that given the opportunity I would have stayed in school for decades, dissecting the inner workings of the English language, mathematical equations, cultural customs, the human mind, and the secrets of the universe we live in. But I never did. Much of that dream came from a natural thirst I’ve always had to learn, but approaching the three-year anniversary of my having finished college, I’ve done little more than dabble with the idea of returning back to school.

I keep learning though. (more…)

I’ve Been Married for Two Weeks–What Has it Been Like So Far?

On November 12th, my who was until recently girlfriend, fiancée, but is now wife and I got married, and on the 17th, we returned from our honeymoon. Over the past few days, we’ve been slowly adjusting to the married life: unpacking, grocery shopping, discovering who hogs covers the most (me apparently), and it’s been…a lot to get a handle of. (more…)