The Surprising, Yet Inevitable

Before I even begin this post I want to slap a big ol’ SPOILER tag right at the top. I am assuming if you are reading this that you either have seen the latest craze that is the Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, or you absolutely just don’t care about what even happens and are reading this here for…a reason I can’t place. You were forewarned. (more…)


Let’s Explain Nothing

“Coding/Programming/Learning Code was Easy Until JavaScript” is a memoir I would write should I ever write a memoir about my journey through this process (I won’t be writing a memoir. I’m just kidding. Don’t leave). The most frustrating thing I think though is that JavaScript itself isn’t all that difficult on its own. Don’t get me wrong, after you roll on through the safe vestige that is HTML and CSS, JS ramps things up significantly as you enter into, what I can only imagine, is the prep room to the larger arena that is software engineering, or whatever you would like to call it. It throws new language into the fold like candy on Halloween and the process of entering and expecting information is different, significantly so, from what you, from what I, have gotten used to so far.

But—it isn’t all that hard to comprehend…if you have the right teacher. (more…)

I’m Teaching Myself to Code

I like to believe myself to be a student. When I was younger, I was convinced that given the opportunity I would have stayed in school for decades, dissecting the inner workings of the English language, mathematical equations, cultural customs, the human mind, and the secrets of the universe we live in. But I never did. Much of that dream came from a natural thirst I’ve always had to learn, but approaching the three-year anniversary of my having finished college, I’ve done little more than dabble with the idea of returning back to school.

I keep learning though. (more…)