My Resolutions (of 2017): How Did I Do?

If ever there was a word to describe 2017, it would be introspective.

You’re right, you’re right, I know. 2017 could be described in other ways too that perhaps may sum it up better, but this year has been so full of conflict, so full of bombshells that I believe a lot of us were encouraged to think: of what we thought, how we felt, where we stood on this issue, on that man; it isn’t uncommon. Come the end of a year, we like to look back and assess what happened in our lives and the lives of those around us. We give every year a grade, wrap it up, label it as “Good Year” or “Bad Year” and set it aside as we bear down to record the year to come. But it’s too easy to make check marks and pretend that bad things make a bad year, always, or vice versa, that a year is simply a score given to be improved upon next time. And I could do that.

I could look back and say, “Because of my resolutions and what I did and didn’t do, I came out a success or a failure,” but that isn’t true. Every year sees improvement, every year sees growth—we come a long way over the course of 12 months and that’s an important thing to remember.

All of that being said, here is a report card of sorts pertaining to the five resolutions I laid out last year. Let’s go. (more…)


The Path Begins With HTML

When I met with a friend of mine to help me lay out what it was I needed to do to teach myself to code, he emphasized, with great importance, the idea of documenting my progress. That’s difficult. Without much to show using the limited amount of knowledge I have, it’s easy to make the excuse that I should wait until I have items of substance to show before actually putting anything out there. Progress isn’t pretty, but if my work on Lined Paper Lamppost has taught me anything, there is something satisfying about looking back at where you were alongside where you are now. Despite the difficulty in finding a way to best show how I’m progressing, I think it’s worth doing.

Let’s start with what I’ve been working through over the past few days. (more…)

Resolutions for the New Year: 2017

When I began 2016, I made a list of resolutions for the year and at the beginning of that list, I painted a picture. In the word picture I painted I made note to the fact that age 23 (2015) had been tough for me to be proud of. Nothing horrible had occurred but I didn’t feel pride at what I had accomplished. I was more or less in the same place I’d started and, in my mind, had failed in a number of the pursuits I’d undertaken–career-wise, creatively, etc. and what have you. And though I was being hard on myself, though I wasn’t being entirely fair, I felt like 2016 was an opportunity for me to make some constructive changes, ones that would set me to grow up, get married, and take steps into my adult life. I did a decent job at the modest goals I set and I imagine that this year I’ll do even better.

2017, as my mother-in-law likes to say, “is going to bust wide open”–and I’m inclined to believe her. (more…)

My Resolutions (of 2016): How Did I Do?

There’s something nice about a new calendar. Because of the way we view the rollover between the end of one year and the beginning of another, we encourage ourselves to set goals, to dream of a better us making better choices regarding the things that actually matter. But often times, we don’t follow through. Sometimes that which we strive for is a tad bit too lofty, but mostly we just have a difficult time sticking with the goals we’ve set.

At the beginning of 2016, I set a modest assortment of resolutions for myself and while I imagine I’d like to do the same here soon, I’d first like to examine how I did with what I set out for and if I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. (more…)

Life: The One About Setting Things Down and Moving On

I’ve always had a strange relationship with the idea of quitting things.

When I was a kid I remember the things kids remember: there comes a day, you’re probably five or six, and you’re taken to or made to do something you really could care less about, all for the “experience,” which will make you a more “well-rounded child.” Speaking generally this could be sports, or dance, or playing an instrument, or going to a play–all of which land in a variety of different places on the spectrum of many children’s interests; I wasn’t any different. (more…)

Life: The One Where I Buy a Camera


I have a lot of people around me–some I keep up with, some I don’t–who regularly involve themselves with photography.

Plenty of them are really good too.  A fair number of them are not.  But it’s never been an area I’ve stepped into much, aside from my occasional dabbling.  I’ve been handed a camera and been afraid I’d drop it, I’ve been handed one and been afraid I’d throw it (sometimes those feral instincts chime in).  I’ve taken pictures with people’s cameras while balancing it on my fingertips, I’ve near thrown that camera back (see?) to get it out of my hands.

So my experience with cameras has been limited to this point and I’ve always wanted to change that. (more…)