My Top 10 Video Games of 2017

I began this list originally with an introduction that was probably a bit too long and, perhaps, for the most part, unnecessary, so in one sentence, I’m going to express the sentiment I was going for:

2017 was a rough year for a number of people, but a great year for video games, and as hard as it may have been, the games this year seemed to make it a little bit better.

There. Phew. Done.

My top ten video games of 2017 list commences. (more…)


Space is Full of Therapeutic Monotony

No Man’s Sky is an odd game, odd because so often when we play games, we know what it is we are doing, what is expected we do–but No Man’s Sky offers no such luxury: no direction, no voice whispering, “do this, do that,” only the expectation that we, the explorer, the being lost in our own corner of space, will dare to venture out and discover. (more…)