Space is Full of Therapeutic Monotony

No Man’s Sky is an odd game, odd because so often when we play games, we know what it is we are doing, what is expected we do–but No Man’s Sky offers no such luxury: no direction, no voice whispering, “do this, do that,” only the expectation that we, the explorer, the being lost in our own corner of space, will dare to venture out and discover. (more…)


Poem: One of Those Fishing Stories

She sat on a dock, twiddling a hook between

her fingertips,

a silhouette on a backdrop of black,

sketched abstractly by the lustered pinpricks

of a fading daytime.


She grasped the fishing pole that sat on her lap,

let go of the hook and watched,


watched as it flew up,


knocking against the star tips and star bits,

bouncing and bumping,

then catching and snagging,

tugging against them, and dropping,

as the stars swam away.